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Chant the name of Rama, Sai Krishna. Thou art the ocean of Mercy. Sai who is the mother, father and friend of all. Govinda Giridhari is adorned with a garland of sylvan flowers vaijayanti of unfading splendour; He charmed Radha’s heart with His divine sports. Thou art always in ecstasy and are the destroyer of illusion or maya and conqueror of time. Behold His form, the highest delight of all eyes; Our beloved Sri Sai Krishna is dancing and bringing joy to our minds! Thou art the Sustainer of entire creation and of those who are miserables and dejected.

anjaneya veera hanumantha shura mp3

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The victorious Lord Narayana! Worship Lord Keshava, Hsnumantha and Janaardhana. Chant the shuda of merciful and omniscient Lord Narayana, who is fond of music, who takes care of the meek and humble.

You are the One whose abode is the auspicious Prashanti Nilayam. He is worshipped by entire creation. Copyright Bhajans Powered by Blogger.

You are the knowledge of the Vedas, you are the Goddess of Music and the Arts, you provide Wisdom to those who seek it. The form of Omkara is Sai Rama; Worshipped by yogis and saints; Peaceful is the form of Sai Rama; Supreme Being Sai Rama who has the direct perception of Brahman; Who likes the feeling of true devotion expressed by devotees and is the lover of His devotees, He is the form of sound and is the form of dance.


With beautiful face and the purest of virtues the Divine Mother enchants us; Her smiling face is radiant and tranquil as the full moon; Adorned with sandalwood paste and kum-kum; Supreme Goddess, queen of queens, Divine Mother Sai. Sai, please grant us Your Mercy.

Prasanthi Mandir Bhajans

Lord who reclines on the ocean of milk, husband and Lord of Lakshmi; Narayana, protector of destitute, Lord who resides in heaven; Enchanter of Seetha’s mind; Lord who incarnates in the form of man, Narayana.

Brave Lord of the Vanaras monkeys. Surrender to Lord Rama.

anjaneya veera hanumantha shura mp3

Hey Lord Sainath, help us cross the ocean of samsaara of births and deaths ; Allah, Jesus, Buddha and Mahavir Thou art the single principle representing all these names; Thou art verily the protector of all different faiths, Hey Sai, the Lord.

Kindly saturate our hearts with love. Show us Your Grace O Lord. Krishna, Madhava, the Lord of Radha and the darling son of Nanda. The Lord of Puttaparthi, Sai is none other than You. Virtuous persons adore and worship Thee. In the temple of mind, You are worshipped as Lord Sai Ram.

Sathya Sai International Organization – USA

Watch Saraswati puja puspanjali mantra mp3 songs Watch varde veena vadini var de mp3 mp3 songs Watch Download saraswati bhajan song video mp3 son Thou hanjmantha and glory engulfs the entire world. Victory be to Govinda. Your name is the one and only support for all.


Recite the name of Sai who is the lover of all faiths.

anjaneya veera hanumantha shura mp3

Thou art the destroyer of all obstacles. You are the incomparable enchanting One with divine qualities. Along with it the drum vibrates with the sound, “Har Har Har Om”, Mrudanga musical instrument chants the auspicious name of, “Shiva Shiva” and Veena musical instrument vibrates chanting.

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Sai Gopala is the form of eternal Bliss. Let the drum beats begin; let the mridangam percussion instrument play for the Divine Dancer, Lord Shiva. Hari, Narayana and Sai, who is the sustainer of the three worlds.

Victory to Mother Sai, Who has anjzneya to save and deliver mankind. Sai Baba, our Lord and Teacher; Bow to Baba’s feet, chant his name; Lord of truth and love; Guru who bestows knowledge; Baba, the very embodiment of peace; Baba, the most precious teacher.

anjaneya veera hanumantha shura mp3

Thy name is potent and powerful for the purification of the fallen ones. You, my Lord, have the effulgence of ten million suns. O Lord Gopala Beloved son of Yashoda.

Hanuman Anjaneya veera Bhajan sainath