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The phrase of the book which touched Akemi has been underlined. She is in her practical uniform and apologizes for being late, but the locker room is too far away. Fated To Love You. TV Asahi Broadcast dates: He has three siblings at work with him complaining they are hungry.

asuko march episode 1

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Takada and Nao notice this and Nao immediately jumps back, telling the boy to stop.

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That got the boys to listen and terrified Nao. Episore asks if there is any one who will allow Nao to join their group and Tamaki surprisingly pulls up a stool.

When the girl he loves leaves to the US out of the blue and her parents fix her wedding Aji is Not in a stairwell, nor in the library, episoode even in the clicni where Momo is flirting with Aruto who notices Nao running away.

Faced with a possibility of Nao notices pictures of the nurse with the girls of Asuko and the nurse replies that the clinic is the haven for females. The two are so awkard with each other. Tamaki Makoto Kaku Kento then asks why Miss Delicate Nao would even be doing the class since she has no interesting in technical training. Nao gets down and does so with Takeuchi watching on with an ambiguous look. She tells him to stop when the nurse walks in. He slept on the bench near the garbage all night.


Momo then warns Nao away from having thoughts about Aruto. The group was formed episodr Hajime. Nao goes to meet her friend from middle school again and overhears the other girl telling her friend that it is embarrassing to be seen with a girl from Asuko. Omukai reminds her that he is still newly married. Instead of joining them, the hurt Nao turns and walks away.

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When Nao arrives in her homeroom it is, of course, full of boys. The two boys then start causing more trouble. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! A voice then episoed if she was jealous.

Seiko goes on to say that her father stays up late every night and works hard while her brother works hard at his part-time job. So she buys it to replace the one she lost. She apologizes and quickly gets back to work. Based on a popular RPG of the magch name. She starts going through all of the trashcans and is caught by Omukai who asks what she is doing.


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You are commenting using your Dpisode account. I guess we all know why Momo wanted to go to Asuko. Going home afterward, Nao sees Tamaki working.

asuko march episode 1

She is less than thrilled when her homeroom teacher comes and gives her the textbooks and tools needed for the school. Nao looks over and there are two older boys in a flashy red car. The other girl immediately calls Nao cute and says that she wishes she could wear the technical uniform at least once. She tells Aruto to hurry and go back to class since he is just pretending to be sick. The teacher then scolds her for taking off her mask.

asuko march episode 1

Nao has no knowledge of anything technical.