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I would be directing some very good hood conscious movies sooner than you think. Give me 3, people with an open mind instead of 50, judgemental fools. I think you have classic and poor, uplifting and uninspiring or life deterrent negative. He would’ve been huge with my guidance but his father really got in the way and made it real uncomfortable for me to work with him. I am associated with all light bearers who bring truth. We are grown men who have learned lessons. At high school you worked for Mobb Deep, would you work with Mobb Deep again?

c-rayz walz chorus rhyme

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How did the idea come together and was it easy to execute it? It was easy for me to get all of my peers to record for this salz track.

Purchasable with gift card. I am associated with all light bearers who bring truth. Grand’s Sixth Sense by Sixth Sense. Or browse results titled:.

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If they sign it that would be great for me and that label. I would be directing some very good hood conscious movies sooner than you think. The Rhymr doing a Sean Price tribute.


It was really good. How did you connect with these young producers? What was the first rap record you bought? We are grown men who have learned lessons.

c-rayz walz chorus rhyme

We said fuck it: I am the SunCycle. I had small roles in a few. It is better than everything I know.

You recorded where Rhyke recorded his ‘Earthworms’, did you know Aesop before that period or did you connect right there? I revealed myself And spectators wonder if I really feel myself Of course I do.

Parallel Thought paid Doom good money for that verse. How does working with young people motivate you? C-Rayz Walz] The unveiling. I was going to stab my father in law’s mechanic because he was yelling around my son and I thought rhymee threatened my wife.

C-Rayz Walz

The last one was ‘My Brother’ with Vanessa Williams. It is another testament that FF7’s visual design, plot and soundtrack resonates with its audience on a profoundly fundamental level. The guys of Parallel Thought told us you sleep while sitting on a guitar amp, how many years of practice does that take?

Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends.

What’s the story behind the MF Doom split-song, because this song only had Doom lyrics at first and now c-dayz featured on it.


That’s what they tell you Deadly weapons etched in the messages they stressed to sell you I love my life So?

c-rayz walz chorus rhyme

These are for the people who do. I think this is the most creative project, until the next one.

An album that revisits sonic textures of yesteryear, mixing live instrumentation and sampling to include jazz, fusion, rock and soul. SO the Earth Tone King: This page is the Iron Curtain My Arabian sheiks make the pelicans brief The veteran speaks and you rest where the skeletons sleep Don’t get left in disarray by this arrangement What I’m saying is flagrant for all species endangered I train like Rocky to hit hard like Clev-e-land And make my mommy proud Wow.

The Sun Cycle entertains the earth rotation with the light of reality, fantasy and science. You can’t flow Lub, lub [Bridge 4: I would never work with them in that capacity again.