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In February 3rd to 13th the band did a US tour with Defeater. Within two days, two of the versions were sold out. But the experience of engaging like that with our fans remains the most unique, impactful and memorable experience I have had to date with this band. Remember that in the bigger picture of indie rock, this is still a sub-genre of a sub-genre and, like it or not, this kind of music is still most certainly not a big deal at all to me, but for the purpose of discussion extremely un-cool, un-hip and un-trendy. What initially attracts people to this style of music is the outburst of pure emotion that they experience on first encounter with it, whether that be at a live show or a song someone shows them. Does indie fame look much different than indie obscurity? Is it borne out of necessity, or is it a clear creative decision on the part of the band?

caspian audiotree live

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North American-based multi-instrumentalists aufiotree one-man acts such as Cloudkicker and thisquietarmy have done amazing things within the instrumental format. Retrieved from ” https: Dust And Disquiet by Caspian. As both a performer and an audience member I love venues with the high ceilings so that the sounds can bounce around and the mind has some space to wander around and drift away.

I have seen you twice at The Middle East Downstairs in Boston, and that venue is just a notch above in terms of audience experience — bands always sound their best there. Nobody likes feeling emotionally manipulated constantly and that is the Achilles heel with contemporary post-rock music.


Caspian (band)

Watch and find out! Caspian Gets Surprise Gift for Everleigh!! The first listening party was held at a park on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, there were additional listening parties played in Europe in April and May Caspian and Everleigh are such cuties!

The tour audjotree in Washington D.

Interview: Caspian

Without that it can fall apart sometimes quickly. You are obviously one of the most noted instrumental rock bands currently working. These bands hail from every corner of the Earth.

caspian audiotree live

The band appeared for a second time on the show in February To make it special a four piece string section was invited on stage to accompany the band. In Marchvia social media, the band posted a shot of them in the studio. Please discuss this issue on the article’s talk page.

There was no indication given as to the potential release of any of the material. In recent years, we have seen so much progress.

Watch Caspian Audiotree live session now

Caspian loosely formed in Autumn of in Beverly, Massachusetts[1] developing material through the first year of its existence, capian a demo in May and performing a small number of shows in late and earlyincluding support for the Japanese post-rock band Mono. Tags from the story.

caspian audiotree live

In July the band played their first ever shows in China. Is this something that the band is looking to explore further on future recordings? The tour opened in Houston on March 21 and concluded in Orlando Florida on April 24, with 29 total shows played.

‎Caspian on Audiotree Live – EP by Caspian on Apple Music

Your email address will not be published. In April and Maythe band embarked on its first full tour of the US, reaching to the west coast and back. Once again Caspian embarked on a three-month-long coast audiitree coast tour of the United States to support the release. Does indie fame look much different than indie obscurity? Announcing via social media the band promises to play two sets of music. BE, it gets hardly any coverage or attention from bigger musical press outlets and that might be because of the reasons I mentioned above, among many other important socio-cultural factors.


Pitchfork began to stream the title track on October 9,prior to the EP’s release on November 11, Do you think that the audiktree presence of bands such as yourselves has begun to erode the popular notion that rock music needs vocals, and as a result has offered greater encouragement to bands such as the ones I mentioned to step out and do what they are doing? Our first show in that kind of space on tour the year anniversary performance here in Beverly at the Larcom Theatre fits the description also was in Ghent, Belgium at Le Minard which is an extremely ornate, beautiful concert hall.

To see what they did on their date

caspian audiotree live