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However there are many sites online who supply the candidates with necessary guides and study materials needed to appear in the examination. Please click to submit your details to receive our newsletter. In a nutshell, this examination will decide whether the concerned candidate is eligible to be defined as a certified constructor. To uphold the highest of safety standards with scaffolders and other workers working at height then the CISRS Card is designed for you. A few different colours of card, these include Green, red, black, blue and gold. For a list of the test centres in the UK click here.

cscs citb construction skills test

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First, check and make sure that you have gathered:. A few different colours of card, these include Green, red, black, blue and gold. The second part is to take some of our practice mock tests, these test will give you a feel of how the exams work and the type of questions you will face.

Construction Skills Certification Scheme | Official CSCS Website – Renew a card

And this is the outcome of the hard work and the brains of the numerous skilled workers applied in the constructions. You must study the topics that you have learned. Here is a helpful video guide to the application process: To help you there is a wide range material to help you study in many languages as well to benefit anyone who works in construction in the UK. For these few facts the government has introduced the Construction Skill Certification Scheme or CSCS in short for a better assessment of the professionals related to the construction business.

You can use our revision material we have laid out on this site, for example, the different fire extinguisher types to help you study and to get a better feel for the exam questions to use our mock exams which have the most common types of questions you will face. Cards which have been expired for longer than 6 months cannot be renewed and a cardholder must instead apply for a new card based on the CSCS rules at the time of their new application.


However, most individuals obtain knowledge better when they use an interactive and engaging means of studying the information. By doing so you consent to CSCS sending you our newsletter.

cscs citb construction skills test

However, the more you practice taking the test, the better your test-taking skills will be. The best method skikls studying is repetition. You may withdraw your consent at any time. Without them, no one will construct the buildings, roads and highways and other concrete and stable foundations needed in everyday life.

Therefore, it is important that all workers in this field are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge in properly carrying out tesy job.

Applying for CSCS cards

Individuals applying for a CSCS card on behalf of a friend or skllls member must ensure that the applicant is present when calling us so they can provide the necessary consent over the phone. There are many different types of CSCS cards you can apply for and it all depends on the occupation you will be applying for and the qualifications you have in the construction industry, there are around 13 csfs types of cards you can apply for, do not fear though you will be given guidance on which card is right for you when you go through the application.

Keep up to date with the latest news and scheme developments. A person may be highly skilled and experienced, but without this card, all of that goes in vain. Depending on the card you hold with depend on the privileges you have, just for an example, a site operative will not have the same access cibt machinery that a supervisor would have.

CSCS Test, Questions and Certification Information

Once you feel confident in your ability to pass an exam, take a few mock exams first to ensure that you are ready. A grade of 45 must be obtained to pass and eventually be issued a CSCS Card depending on your occupation.


Please click to submit your details to receive our newsletter.

For more information click here. The type of card an applicant can constriction for will depend on their occupation and the qualifications they hold.

The more tests you take, the more prepared you will be when the time comes for you to sit for your exam finally. The CSCS mock skillls can also provide you with the confidence and reassurance you need to pass the test with flying colours. If you do not hold a card, then it will be almost impossible for you or anyone to be able to work within the construction industry in the United Kingdom.

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme is designed to improve competency among workers and at the same time, equip them with basic health and safety knowledge in order to carry out a safe working environment.

cscs citb construction skills test

You must advise us if you have changed occupation since your existing CSCS card was issued. The CSCS card proves that you have the required training in order to accomplish more efficient and conduct work in a safer manner than someone who has not obtained this card. Please click to submit your details to receive our tet. For further information on how we use your personal data, please visit our Website Privacy Notice.

Your card will usually be dispatched on the next working day.