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Compression quality when the output is a JPEG. NET, but there is a workaround which we describe in the VB. When the entire world is.. Determines whether numerical values are shown on the axes for bar and line graphs, or next to the sectors on pie charts. The DateTimeFormat property determines whether the values are treated as a combined date and time, a date or a time. UseYAxisLabels – Boolean property.


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csDrawGraph Version 3.1 – Online Manual

This account must also have the appropriate permissions to write if the component is to save images to disk. For date formatting the letters y, m and d are used for year, month and day. BMPLine – As above, but the line graph is in bitmap format.

AddData “Item 1”, 17, “ff” ; Graph. Bar Charts – https: When true, commas will be used to separate thousands on the x-axis. Unfortunately, this prevents the browser from being able to print the graph. The following commands will stream an image assuming a bar chart has been drawn in a csDrawGraph object called “Graph”. The Title property has been set, with the title using the default settings for font and position.

There are a large number of properties that can be used with bar charts that are described in other sections of these instructions. The object is created using Dim instead of Set. The name that will appear in the legend to describe the trend line. The alternative is to remove this line and allow the session variables to clear when the session expires.



We can still provide version 2 for any users of an older operating system. Maximum value on the x-axis.

This would add three items of data, to be displayed in red, green and blue respectively. When true, grid lines will be drawn on the graph level with the graduations on the axes. Hides the vertical grid lines, when ShowGrid is true.


Previous versions used the AxisText properties. It is written for the full version of the component. The other AddMapArea commands do not use this parameter and so an empty string must be used to maintain correct syntax. The name used for the first point on each line will appear in the legend. This will insert a text string for the image into the image tag. The length of the graduation mark on the y-axis.


Image Map Properties 8. When the bars are horizontal it is the distance between the top of the image and the middle of the last bar. CreateObject if the trial version is used. UseXAxisLabels must be true for it to have any effect.


csDrawGraph – Free Download and Software Reviews – BumperSoft

When true, commas will be used to separate thousands on the y-axis. There is a description of this and some sample code on our web site at: For example, if X and Y are variables, the following two lines might be used inside a loop to plot a point and display the X and Y values at that point:.

Some line graphs require the display of dates or times along one axis. Find a Terror Fabulous – Dorothy first pressing or reissue. With multiple users this could get demanding on server memory. The MapLabel and Legend parameters are ignored for line graphs and stacked bar charts because map areas are never created for the labels or legends of these types of graphs.

Colour of the grid lines as a 6 digit hexadecimal string. When null the system settings for a short date are used.