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He was not interested in success on record company terms, and didn’t want to turn music into his day job. What to make of it? Thanks to all who helped, then and now. Motion and Heart Amazon version 3: Subsequently, Dave Hughes played live with the Lotus Eaters. Radio Blank November Alan Gill:

dalek i love you compass kumpas

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dalek i love you compass kumpas

Alan Gill’s next project was also with an outside band. Produced by Frazer Henry and Godot.

dalek i love you compass kumpas

This form of the name was to be used quite consistently whenever the single version was released. MVCU demos 1.

Dalek I Love You. The remainder of the graphics are also disappointing.

Compass Kum’pas

Little Green Monsters 3: As compqss bonus we get a previously unreleased dub version of “12 Hours Of Blues”. This page was last edited on 8 Februaryat Track 6 and 8 recorded at Marcus Music UK. Initial copies were to have included two singles as incentive so said an advertbut I have yet to hear any confirmation of this being the case.

Freedom Fighters demo 2: Notably, the first two Dalek i tracks are the single versions, the only time these were issued in the USA. This version of “Freedom Fighters” is not the same as any previous take, so where it comes from Part of the reason for this lack of interest was Gill’s antipathy towards any promotion. We’re All Actors 7′ extended 3: I Could Fall 3: Gill joined to play some live dates, his main incentive being a trip to perform in New York City.


Dave Schulps notes that:. Though quite handsome in its own right, it is a shame the original cover was not maintained. On the back sleeve “Freedom Fighters” is subtitled “A song for people not politics”.

Marc’s Top Songs: Number Dalek I – Dalek I Love You (Destiny)

In this band he was reunited with his old friend Dave Balfe, who was playing keyboards. M07 Dalek I Love You: I have taken the lower-case as a typographic affectation.

Lori And The Chameleons: The album has a cult followingand the single “Destiny Dalek I Love You ” remains popular among Doctor Who fans for its oblique lyrics about the show’s menacing villains, the Daleks.

dalek i love you compass kumpas

Before The Gong 2: Wild Jim 4th Mix 3: And so it goes. Compared to the album version, “Freedom Fighters” has an extra two bar drum intro and about three extra bars at the end, missing on the LP since it’s cut into “You Really Got Me”. Play “Heartbeat” side-by-side to hear the similarities. Dave Balfe lived in the same neighbourhood, and though he couldn’t play bass, he did own a car and a PA. Two Chameleons [single version] 3: There was little musical happening in Liverpool in the seventies apart from Deaf School, a mannered Roxy Music-style pastiche.


Compass Kum’pas – Dalek I Love You | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Medical Records Seattle, Washington. This augured new music from an improvising quartet. Another notable graphic element is the timing scale for each side of the record.