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Box bios autoregion – DX My vote goes for nullDC as it is way faster than this one. Aica dsp fix – GPU: Default setting changed, VMU screen disable option added. Stranno Member Oct 25,

demul 0.582

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demul 0.582

My specs are in my signature, but I don’t know how good they are for this emulator tbh Edit: Framebuffer rendering fix – DX Members online Cid Thrash ruantec. Stranno Member Oct 23, March 28, September 30, Stranno Member Oct 24, Uh ohh, it looks like hes mad Sound stretching for slow machines – VMU: Use Mess bios set for Demul.

demul 0.582

Home Help Search Login Register. Beep fixed, speedup – VMU: New version from Wind.

demul 0.582

The only way I found is disable auto sort but games bugs a lot February 12, Joined Oct 3, Messages 52 Reactions 0 Points demup. Joined May 16, Messages 3, Reactions 3 Points Its the best Dreamcast and Dreamcast-based arcades so far. You’ve been avoiding me all this time when i crap on java and you respond in this thread?


T Oct 24, This emulator sucks if it can’t even tell me what that means. As for the emu, it is not bad but is not so hot either, this is still slower than nullDC since it seems this emu dsmul only using 1 core, so playing at 2x resolution makes this emu slow as hell so i have to stick to 1x.

CaH4e3 New Member Oct 25, I like the releases. Just tried Demul 0. I stick with the other emus to play anything else.

Demul and ArcadeVGA

My only complain is the lack of real Joined Jan 29, Messages Reactions 0 Points Demul is emulated which generally requires 3X the processing power of the original hardware. Unfortunately I don’t have the option of changing the graphics card in this machine as I am using a 15Khz arcade monitor and the ArcadeVGA is the only option that works with Windows 7.

Crash fix – CORE: For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Box bios autoregion – DX Joined May 30, Messages 3 Reactions 0 Points 0.


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