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Feed for this topic. I would be happy to help test the new solution to see how it behaves when connected from a place where bandwidth is often an issue. At the moment I am using a MacBook Pro and would like to be in this pilot program at any stage. More details about these waves and how they could impact you will be shared as they develop. One thing to make clear right away to folks and open the discussion. With this new web based approach and future mobile support, will the user’s operating system matter at all?

econfig ibm

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Happy to help with any testing needed too.

I can test it at any stage. W e will deploy in waves to different brands at appropriate intervals.

econfig ibm

Hi Rob, Please add me to the beta test list. Answered question This question has been answered. It would be great if eConfig will correspond to Offering Information Sales Manuals and Announcement Letters and different plant systems.

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Thanks a lot in advance. Hi Rob, I wish to participate in the econfig Cloud test.

econfig ibm

Glad to hear it is being worked. We’re using the tool quite often in the region, mostly for Power Systems. At this ecnfig, we’re going with a Cloud based strategy.


econfig ibm

An off line version would be helpful to us. We welcome your input! Feed for this topic. I agree in theory e-config Cloud should work on a supported browser running on Android.

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My main point for bringing this up was because people econfiig mentioning VMware and Parallels and you ecknfig talking about a Cloud solution that uses a web browser, none of that extra stuff, or the fact that some of us use a Mac, should matter with this option.

I met several times issues, that whether discrepancy between eConfig and sales manuals, or even valid configurations from eConfig was rejected by plant. Hi, I can test it at any stage.

I am using Mac with masOS Watch here for details about product development showcases and when user testing will start. We im work in April on a replacement for e-config called ” e-config Cloud “.

Can you add me to the list as well please? I am eager to participate in pilot at any stage.

IBM Configurator

As you can see by the name, this will be a c loud – econfiv application that provides all of the key function s of e-config to you via the Web and eventually via Mobile platforms. Our feeling is that network quality and reliability continue to improve, allowing a Cloud solution to be reliable and perform well. Sounds like even Android may eventually work. Hi Paul, I agree in theory e-config Cloud should work on a supported fconfig running on Android. We understand the implications for availability and performance, and are designing in those robust capabilities from the start.


I went to the extreme case of using Android where yes screen eocnfig might be an issue, for the emphasis. In addition, with our Cloud platform we can easily allocate additional resources to the application to ensure that we maintain satisfactory performance in peek periods of use.

I’m glad we’re making this move and I’m sure it will bring a lot benefits to IBM and our business partners! Please I would be honored if you will include me into the pilot project of eConfig Cloud. I use the configurator quite a lot. We encourage you to get involved by subscribing to the e-config Cloud Forums and Wiki pages instructions to be provided and participating in the collaboration with your fellow users and Ibn configurator developers.

A new user interface will be delivered to support browser use and later mobile configuration. Log in to reply.