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Activate GradeQuick Web for your Teachers 1. TeacherPlus gradebook user guide. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your system, please do this first all documentation for LiveLink, Edline and GradeQuick Web will require it. If you are not an existing Edline subscriber, you will receive at least two accounts – one account will be for you to use when logging in to Edline and GradeQuick Web to use those products. The Edline School Setup Guide provides instruction for distributing the activation codes. The special score names your interface uses are shown below. Click on the LiveLink icon and follow prompts to install LiveLink.

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GradeQuick Web Plugin

Use LiveLink to Download Grades or Attendance Once your teachers have exported attendance edlne grades edilne on the settings above; this may happen automaticallyyou use LiveLink to collect the exports. In order to export the grades for special scores, teachers must name a test column with a specific name and remove the term number. Give Edline Activation Codes to your Teachers See the documentation you received from Edline, or the help available on the Edline site, for instructions.


edline livelink

See the Administrator Setup Guide for information about this process. Instructions for activating codes can be found on Edline. You should create a Rosters. The Edline School Setup Guide provides instruction for distributing the activation codes.

The special score names your interface uses are shown below. GradeQuick 8 Manual for Windows. If you are using office attendance, add. Contact GradeQuick Support if you are installing to a bit operating system. Required Data Fields The fields that edlind imported and exported are check-marked in the charts below. Once you have completed the Send Rosters routine, run LiveLink 1.

edline livelink

These will be installed to your desktop and also be placed in your start menu. Each step refers to documents that detail the functions for the step. Gradebook – Corvallis School District 1.

edline livelink

The default settings will work for most setups. Migrate your Current Teacher Gradebooks.

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Once teachers have migrated their gradebooks, they should no longer use GradeQuick local, or any changes they make will be lost. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective holders. Turn on GradeQuick Web for teacher access at your district or school after you have completed your lifelink. Because all schools have the same filename, they cannot all be in the same folder.


Refer to folders created in a. This program will install the programs necessary to interface with your CIMS system and install shortcuts on your desktop.


In the Contents section, select Schools. LiveLink will create the other paths. To activate those codes, go to www. Even if you do not put the Rosters. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Do you need a help?

GradeQuick Web Plugin by Edline – Should I Remove It?

Note in particular the option to Export Dropped Students. Setup Procedure Step 1: Set Up Edline You will receive an email from Edline with setup codes and instructions.

This document can be found online when you log in to Edline. The location edljne the GradeQuick program should be listed as C: