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Let’s start by installing TCL. Many of the options can be set to either 0 or 1 — 0 typically means the option is disabled, while 1 means enabled. This will open a new private channnel for you and your bot to talk to one another. There are two files you will need to edit before you can start up your Eggdrop — the configuration file and optionally the botchk file. Download locations Eggdrop is distributed primarily on FTP servers in tarball format with the. This has been changed since 1.


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April 20, Posted by emilydics mirc Leave a comment. This sets up which modules are to be eggdrop1.6.19.ta.gz. Some of them can be a little bit vague, though. Actually, this step depends on the latest TCL version.


Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: Go to the website www. The config file is documented very well, so just read the notes and change the lines accordingly.

You now need to learn TCL. Setting this to 1 will prevent the bot from displaying its nickname and version when someone telnets eggdrop1.6.19.har.gz it. If that happens, make sure you change it back to eggdrop1. This makes sure the shell has all the right tools for compiling Eggdrop, and helps Eggdrop eggdrop1.6.19.rar.gz out how to compile on the shell.


Installing Eggdrop Installing Eggdrop is a relatively simple process provided your shell has the required tools for successful compilation. If set to 0, users cannot add themselves — a master or owner must add them using the. Some people consider 1.

Retype new UNIX password: Some people who prefer the lower memory footprint and simpler configuration of the 1. Cyber World “Is it a game, or is it real? This has been changed since 1.

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However, it was considered to be quite buggy, and its developers eventually abandoned Eggdrop altogether as users stuck with the 1. Now onto getting you bot up and running on IRC and making yourself the bots master. Wednesday, April 22, Eggdrop If you’re going to run it locally, the following steps are executed on your local console. Having egggdrop1.6.19.tar.gz eggdrop IRC bot is kind of a challenge from the beginning. Your eggdrop bot is now up and eggdrrop1.6.19.tar.gz I’ve made a sample for eggdrop.


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Switch to the directory to which you installed the bot, cross your fingers, and type. Editing the config file Previous versions of the 1. Now, to unzip the. In telnet, simply switch to the scripts directory and type chmod autobotchk then.

Both sorting methods can be just as useful as the other — I recommend leaving this set to 0 to start with. Newer Post Older Post Home. Eggdrop should start up, and the bot should appear on IRC within a few minutes.

Download locations Eggdrop is distributed primarily on FTP servers in tarball format with the. Setting this to 1 will make the userlist sort itself based on user flags.


If you haven’t had a shell account then try to find it in our Free unix shell providers.