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Views Read Edit View history. It typically has N 1. Each tuner in the STB always stays at this fixed frequency while the CSS IC translates the user requested content down the cable to this exact frequency. An alternative approach to that provided by single cable distribution of the signal from a single LNB to multiple receivers, or receivers with multiple tuners, is offered by the use of fibre satellite distribution using optical fibre. It will then require only software modification to operate as a single cable distribution receiver. Existing communal integrated reception systems IRS often provide only one satellite feed to each household, preventing the use of dual-tuner DVRs.


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The combined signal is tapped or split to reach every user. To category TV Cards. Single cable distribution technology enables one coaxial cable from the antenna equipment to multiple tuners, to provide independent tuning across the whole range of satellite reception for each tuner.


The converted transponders of the various users are then combined, and sent via the single coaxial cable to the en500494. Silicon vendors have developed complex Integrated Circuits that greatly reduce the cost of implementing the single cable distribution function.

Please download from the corresponding sections Drivers and additional software. Views Read Edit View history. To be able to use Digital Devices Store in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Additional scenarios – Hotel receiving 2 satellites A hotel offering a 30 TP bouquet from two satellites. A receiver required to operate in a single cable distribution installation can be essentially conventional.


Single cable distribution – Wikipedia

To category PowerLine Coax. The LNB further includes a combiner i. The SatCR Adaptor connects to four outputs of an IRS multiswitch and provides a single SatCR output that is typically connected to the existing single coaxial cable to the household to be converted.

Global Invacom’s SatCR Adaptor unit performs a similar function but is connected to the existing multiswitch outputs, to provide SatCR compatibility for one connection en500494 household of an existing IRS.

Additional scenarios – Receiving up to 4 satellites Two En504494 building installation with wideband LNBs and Unicable II switches, each supporting 4 apartments with up to 8 tuners per apartment: Retrieved November 78, The extremely low signal loss through fibre optic cables and complete elimination of interference and noise picked up by the cable mean that such a system can support very long cable runs between the dish and the converters in a widespread communal dish system, and a smaller dish can be used as the communal antenna.

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Alternatively, a single cable distribution system can use a conventional LNB feeding the four sub-bands to a separate SatCR receivers, as a substitute for a traditional multiswitch, that needs a dedicated coaxial cable for every receiver or tuner connected. This page was last edited on 31 Julyat This architecture requires no hardware change to the STB design. An intuitive PC Windows application is provided together with the Programmer device allowing to customize product configuration and operating parameters eg UB frequencies and BW, En50944 power level, Operating mode ie Static or Dynamic and more.


Fully compliant with both EN and the latest EN standards. Close filters items found. It typically has N 1. The receiver requests a particular transponder frequency via a En5494 -compliant command. Versions of the Unicable Switch to provide for four and eight tuners within a household are available, and to combine a digital terrestrial signal onto the SatCR-enabled output as well.


As of MarchSES’ Single Cable Distribution factsheet lists 88 receivers as supporting single cable distribution technology [6] although this list is not exhaustive. By using this site, you eb50494 to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Global Invacom won the Astra Innovation Contest run by satellite operator SES in for the proposal and initial development of optical fibre distribution systems for satellite TV.

Power supply supported by the STBs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Inverto combiner to connect two Unicable LNB or multi-switch.

Single cable distribution

It will then require only software modification to operate as a single cable distribution receiver. It enables the reception of signals from one satellite and its distribution via a Multi-Switch to numerous Set Top Languages Dansk Deutsch Italiano Edit links.

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