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He hugged me tighter until I could feel his every shuddering breath. I liked Evie, at least a bit, but her confusing and every time changing thoughts made her a little bit annoying. She turned up the heat. On the other hand, Evie keeps learning new things about herself. If I kiss you, and then you get disgusted.

endless knight kresley cole

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Endless Knight

And now, here I am, completely committed to this series, and putting my stamp of approval on book knught. Lark, who was previously mentioned, was hilarious. Evie is drawn to Death, but in love with Jack.

endless knight kresley cole

Heaven forbid a YA heroine having sex with more than one guy in her lifetime. It was quite funny how Evie tried to seduce Death, and tried to get him to open up… Whilst Death tried his best to resist kresleg charms.

Endless Knight : The Arcana Chronicles Book 2

Evidently you can’t have an apocalypse without zombies. I have no clue which way the cards will fall.

endless knight kresley cole

Dead of Winter Kresley Cole. His every step multiplied my anticipation. It’s not that you’re an awesomely understanding person who can help them find their inner puppy.


Endless Knight (The Arcana Chronicles, #2) by Kresley Cole

How did it start? He betrayed Evie way worse than she did him. Endless Knight 2 16 73 Aug 22, No more secrets then—for either of us. You can imagine how excited I was. It really changed the game for me.

You guys this series is so, so good. View all 31 comments.

There is knighg much more to him revealed in this story. We come across three NEW Arcana that we haven’t met yet and wowza. A girl who may not need Jack to survive as kresleh as she used to think, but who still very much wants him by her side.

Maybe the author was going to pull a Darcy out of her hat and make this guy into the hero? Full of pent up and barely restrained emotions. I am anxious for Book 3 because well, this one ended in a huge cliffhanger that left me mad as hell. The guy was gutting her against a tree, found out his touch wouldn’t kill her, and then forced her to marry him! He starts out as an absolute dickhead, but I eventually warmed up to him. Colle shook out his hair like an animal, sending little bites of cool water across my face and arms.


I really liked him. She delivered shocking surprises. The love triangle spiced things up, and made a colf point for the story to pick up pace and made it way more interesting.

After my reread of Poison PrincessI kept track of which cards we’ve met. So I’m not sure where I want to start Their relationship was so one sided, Evie had to do all the work even when he should have been the one proving himself to her. She created a story that sizzles, is wicked and sexy and utterly enthralling. So if you’re the parent of an 11 year old girl, you may want to steer clear of this one for a few years.