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Keep ONE slot free at all times. They go after the same wounded unit instead of focusing on different ones, or they just cuddle together and play with each other only. Aim to have as many attacking units close to these as you can. This base is not hacked. Last note, try to pack your base tighter. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. I had 3 and i actually had the impression that i got less rares then when i had only 1.

enigmata stellar war premium

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The rest of the skills, I leave to you.

Enigmata: Stellar War for Android – APK Download

The Unit bank lets you Store units that you do not want at the playing field at the moment. It gives the Assimilator Hp, and Hp to the drones Higher attack value and a much cooler look.

Stellar War Submitted By: Jun 4, 8: I love these toys. IF happy save, if not repeat. There was an error.

Enigmata: Stellar War Hacked |

Vira Healer is patheric. Some of them are worth it, some are a complete waste. So did the Titan wall health bug. Jun 5, 8: They arent premium content from what is said in forums, just much rarer without being premium. The nova’s bullets get reflected by the enemy shields and well It took so long cuz im lazy tit ;p.


You have more Korazons that I, so yours would be higher hp.

enigmata stellar war premium

That Unit is a Joke. Trust me, it is much worse then it sounds. I probably don’t exist any more.

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Jun 4, 7: At level 7 it shoots 4 times. Jun 5, 2: Both get the wsr dmg bonus from chargors. Since I use no hacks, I suppose I should be flattered you called me God.

enigmata stellar war premium

Updated my first post with table for Nyon Exist. If one of your units is about to die, and you cannot save it, just pop it into the unit bank, and voila, saved. There is a way to counter all the negative effects with 1 type of unit easily.

It only lasts a few seconds but it can be annoying.

The Elite Join Date: Tesla has lower damage then the nyonsbut attack more frequently. They go after the same enigmafa unit instead of focusing on different ones, or they just cuddle together and play with each other only.


Enigmata: Stellar War Hacked

In addition to this Enigmaa exists have better upgrades in the long run. The others are not included because you dont have unit space to not to be using the best units available to you.

I want them all the same. Stelkar about 15 seconds, it was gone. That damage has to be healed, and your healers will have a hard time keepeing your walls alive if they have to heal units in the middle of your base.