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I can used my mouse wheel to change the frequency then nothing happens. March 21, at 6: Simpler and better performance in my opinion. Hi Bill, take a look at my post on my blog site at the following url: On to the next adventure! I found a workaround: This will usually be a bulk-in, interface interface 0 device, or it could just say RTL

extio rtl sdr.dll

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Alternative Installation Procedure for RTL Sticks and HDSDR | Ham Radio Science

Can I use the Macbook computer or do I need Windows? Unfortunately, the driver issue won the war.

If you have a MCX, try to put an adaptor on it and then leave it connected, rt plug it in and take it out, they are not meant for frequent connection and disconnections. I have that the author is very good about replying.


HDSDR – Hardware

I had to sell the whole bundle. September 18, at 7: August 20, at Built using WordPress and the Mesmerize Theme. Ham extlo Up HF Converter. How to use the stick again for TV? April 23, at 1: I had the same problem myself. Avoid the thin coax except for extremely short patch cables. Download the new ExtIO.

Alternative ExtIO for Compatible SDR Software

May 27, at 8: November 24, at 8: Plug in your RTLU stick. Once selected proceed to install the driver. This will usually be a bulk-in, interface interface 0 device, or it could just say RTL Assuming I had the correct driver setup eextio what the instructions did as well.

extio rtl sdr.dll

Just choose the folder where the driver is C: I found a workaround: You can use RG6. November 6, at 2: October 3, at 6: The instructions gave up on me. February 19, at 4: This makes setting up HDSDR with these sticks a lot simpler and it also appears to perform much better.


extio rtl sdr.dll

Hey I have a question if anyone can help me? I have only white noise coming through the computer signals even when tuned to a strong local signal.

extio rtl sdr.dll

If anyone is having problems getting their stick working with SDR sharp try this link as it worked for me http: Be sure to do a list all devices in the optiond menu to see your stick. Sorry I wasted my money on sddr.dll. Both work great for me … Mike.

October 29, at 6: I have signal noise but receive no signals.