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Flytec Read More. There are some discussions about an improved user interface, too; a meeting about that subject was planned for may. However, support and service is still offered by Naviter. If you want to create your own interactive and good-looking flash chart download trial version which is free for non-commercial use or go to the publisher’s Web site and check for FlyCharts buying options. Maybe someone would have preferred you to look there first

flychart software

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FlyCharts is our new version 2. And please note – it’s still free for private persons, still tiny and fast!

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Flytec Alto Documentation and Support. I have a Competino, But the screen was broken, who can tell me where can I buy the spare part? Gallery Online Wizard Download trial.

If the user doesn’t want to customize XML file manually, he can use FlyCharts online flycyart that lets build charts quickly using user-friendly interface.

Data and component visual style comes from customizable XML file which gives unlimited possibilities in quick and easy tuning of the chart settings. Is it possible to replace the GPS module to a more modern?


Bräuniger – Flytec – Naviter

There is so much choice now when it comes to flight instruments. Developer version is all that you need! You are welcome to join.

flychart software

Flytec Windwatch Pro Read More. Me Actual plans include color displays, but the search for sunlight readable displays offering serious advantages still runs. External JavaScript interface allows using all browser development capabilities including Ajax technology.

Actually my vario was still sitting on my computer desk – so it’s not so bad. Sfotware Sensbox Documentation and Support. So I downloaded 4. Thanks in advance for your answers. Sheesh, welcome back to the forum Gordon. The option of missing data support will never let the dataset miss as it’s automatically restored as correctly visualized.

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I’m guessing that any new version won’t be out for quite some time. FlyCharts runs without using an Active-X Component Reduces Load on the Server Compatible with many scripting languages FlyCharts are interactive and have a lot of features which can be changed.

Flytec VA Read More. Now the problem is the Competino freeze right after takeoff. Who knows how is the physical connection GSM and Bluetooth modules? Hi Tom, In a thread elsewhere in the Paragliding forum you mentioned the Competino suffers a common fault that the keypad ribbon cable comes loose.


This firmware update deletes all flights in the flight memory, because of a new memory organization – Flight recording completely revised.

flychart software

Create your data, visual style, preview charts and download the generated XML file. Flychart was obviously written by an engineer – one who doesnt know how people work. Naviter adds Flytec varios to their current range and guarantees their further availability.

flychart software

THere’s no one local who uses one of these babies and manuals especially old ones make my eyes go screwy. Well back in GPS varios were rare. But as far as I know, most software programms support the Flytec instruments, specially with the SD card interface.

I just assumed it was a windows driver problem – it was – but caused by Prolific – not windows. I’ve downloaded it and managed to get it to talk to my competino. If someone could link to the other thread that would also be greatly appreciated.