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The past month’s best new albums include the sophomore set from Bon Iver and the debut from Sub Pop’s first hip-hop signing. Generally favorable reviews – based on 14 Critics What’s this? Macumba Quebrada by Daniel Maunick. Retrieved July 30, Lopatin said his use of the program for making Channel Pressure increased his comfort and familiarity with the program.

ford and lopatin channel pressure

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Each track pulls out the slightly more obscure corners of the 80s, and leaves behind the typical 80s pop throwback.

ford and lopatin channel pressure

The Senate go to album. Generally favorable reviews – based on 14 Critics What’s this?

Retrieved August 4, Daniel Lopatin Joel Ford. That We Can Play But whatever ideas were on the table, both of us were kind of throwing a lot of stuff together. Retrieved May 28, Streaming and Download help.

All this publication’s reviews Read full review. Plus, it’s only 37 minutes long, so it’s not like listening to it requires a huge time investment.

Channel Pressure by Ford & Lopatin Reviews and Tracks – Metacritic

Retrieved November 27, He explained that the frequent number of references to television in the lyrics “locate the album somewhere between the technology of the past and that of the future, between and the virtualized separation of image from machine. I even played it by mistake once and was saying to myself what was this.


As a pop album, Channel Pressure falls short, primarily because the songs simply aren’t as good as their impeccable references demand. Log in to ane rating Channel Pressure.

Channel Pressure

Channel Pressure earned moderately positive reviews upon its release. Out of Sight – Jake Xerxes Fussell. Retrieved July 30, Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest – Bill Callahan. Designer – Aldous Harding. It was released on June 7, as the first album to be issued on Software, Lopatin’s own label under the Mexican Summer imprint.

Channel Pressure – Wikipedia

He opined that in those regards, “much of Channel Pressure plays disappointingly safe. Diced-up dance music from Isaac Reuben that juliennes elements of house, techno, and more to create head-spinning music. Lopatin said his use of the program for making Channel Pressure increased his comfort and familiarity with the program.

Macumba Quebrada by Daniel Maunick.

ford and lopatin channel pressure

Following the group’s abandonment of their previous name “Games” for legal reasons, they recorded the album at Gary’s Electric Studios in BrooklynNew York. Channel Pressure asks some complex questions about pop’s obsession with nostalgia, although the likes of “Joey Rogers” and “The Voices”–with hints of Daft Punk’s “Digital Love”–also functions as irresistible pop tunes on a more basic level. The hectic sound editing is most prevalent in the instrumental facet of the album, [10] where, as Conrad Tao of Sputnikmusic explained, “layers build channeo one another and drop out without warning, beats appear out of nowhere, and flangers are employed liberally.


It’s an album that gets better with every play, with every peeling back of its more obvious, glossy layers. Sisto – layout and typography. Caligula – Lingua Ignota. It especially repays headphone use, where each stutter, bend, warp, and pitchshift can be discovered and new subtleties can become apparent. In a more presusre review, writer Ben Schumer felt that while the LP was “enjoyable,” it was nothing “more than a time capsule.

NRO by Isaac Reuben. World Of Regret As Ford and Lopatin’s “secret recipe”, most of the songs written for Channel Pressurestarted out as smooth jazz songs before Ford and Lopatin began experimenting with them.