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What would be good size memory card? How are your experiences? Another window will appear giving you the status of the download. Different areas of the country have different clarity on google earth and I would imagine this would be no different. I’ve never had a problem with mine on horse or 4 wheeler

garmin astro 320 birdseye view

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With the Astroyou can even create your own Custom Maps. Use your BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription with BaseCamp software to quickly transfer an unlimited amount of satellite images to your Garmin device and seamlessly integrate those images into your handheld’s maps whenever you need them.

Is your pic of your puppy walk from computer? Press the “Map” button to return to your map screen. You can highlight the section and press enter to select Enable or Disable to view or hide the imagery on the map screen.

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It works really great in combination with the topo card. I don’t think much changes where I hunt, the maps would be pretty accurate. So their is a Great Difference in the Resilution.

Google Images are Taken out about 40 Miles. First you need to activate your Birdseye Satellite Imagery online with Garmin. Another nice thing is the blue lines showing streams on the topo card may not be exactly where the stream really is and BirdsEye is right on.


garmin astro 320 birdseye view

Click next to continue. Allthough I would respectfully disagree, of the two pics he shows of his house, the GoogleEarth one is quite a bit better to me But my training area in TX is within the last year. You can select “Copy imagery to device after downloaded” to skip manually sending it to your device You will see a green checkmark on the folder named “Internal Storage” once the transfer has completed.

Buy a good size memory card that will hold birdweye lot of data. Shop our canine closeout items, best bargains, k9 discount prices, good deals, cheap stuff and other values for sale.

I calibrate mine every time I turn it on.

View Garmin BirdsEye Satellite Imagery.

I have not had a chance to experiment with this yet, but I think Garmin garmim got a lot of cool things going on here. I seen a video on Youtube, the guy said that’s what he was doing, he was importing GoogleEarth images to his Garmin.

Google Earths Image of the Same area is dated Jan. It needs to be away from interference.

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Select BirdsEye Imagery Subscription from the drop down list and click next. But I can’t tell a lick of difference between high and highest biew the garmin itself, due to its resolution capabilities. Astro systems do not, so to use it you must either purchase a prepaid card which provides a code that allows access to the software online or you can purchase the software direct from Garmin’s website. You can see the tree line on the left side of screen and the buffer strip around the field.


The compass is magnetic, so you don’t have to be moving to use it, but the GPS does require motion to indicate your heading. Mainly I’m wondering if the screen on BirdsEye looks as virw as the one I posted above off the Garmin Adsor is that ScreenShot an exaggeration of what it’ll actually do? The thought of seeing my dogs on a BirdsEye Satellite image is really, really interesting.

garmin astro 320 birdseye view

You are required to download the software onto your computer and then transfer the imagery to your handheld. Basically, it’s a matter of scanning a paper map, georeferencing it, and then loading it into your Astro I would like to see comparison of same pic on Astro.

garmin astro 320 birdseye view

The time now is Then scroll down to the box that says “Map Information” and press Enter. Downloaded training area in ND, and it is the Google map of 5 years ago.