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Added audio option “Mix With Other Apps”. Fixed some possible crashes in the Java Bluetooth code due to threading issues, and also reduced connection overhead by using a native Bluetooth socket if possible Android: Fixed some USB directional pads by lowing the analog range needed for a direction press Android: Supported on Android 2. Fixed crashes on some devices like the LG G4 on Android 6.

gba emu 1.5.14 apk

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Base default GUI navigation options on whether the device has a hardware menu button, instead of whether it runs Android 3. First release Version 1.

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Made eju notifications cancel-able and prevented them from getting stuck if the app was previously killed iOS: Fixed cropped display after an orientation change on devices that don’t send a proper window resize events Xperia Play when sleeping in portrait mode, and awakened by sliding gamepad open Android: Added iCade support iOS: Added a Hide Status Bar option to control if the top status bar on most non-tablet devices is visible, it can also be gna only while in-game Android: Contents Atmel Flash Utility C Improved Z80 sync so music plays at the proper speed NGP: Added additional support apkk the Wii Remote Plus: Don’t skip audio processing when fast-forwarding, fixes sound artifacts in games like Secret of Mana MD: More accurate frame rate and audio speed PCE: Save-states from previous versions are no longer valid.


Increased max multi-touch points to 4 Android: Fixed a startup crash with Android 4.

Update core to Mednafen 1. Increased maximum touches to 7 fingers on 3GS and newer devices Gga Better error handling if a Wiimote hangs while setting up the connection Version 1.

gba emu 1.5.14 apk

Fixed crash when using Samsung screen recorder Android: Changed input handling to prevent unresponsiveness on Android 3. Added experimental support for hardware keyboards via the Apple Bluetooth stack uses private APIs so may break in future iOS versions but works up to 8. Save state bug fixes, all previous states apm be discarded due to format changes GBC: Fixed vba keyboard size bug introduced in 1. Handle composed text properly European characters with accents, Korean, etc.

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Fixed app hanging on startup on ARMv6 devices missing the eventfd system call, needed since the last update and should be standard for Android 2. Default to 0 frameskip if refresh rate is 60Hz and running at least Android 3.

Updated icons to flat Android-like style for smu look, added new icons to make certain actions more intuitive ex. Fixed input lag on the Ri Xperia Play by explicitly checking for events at the start of each frame. The new Size Units option controls the coordinate type used. Added support for the following games: Adaptive icons for Android 8.


User ratings for GBA.

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The new Strict Underrun Check option controls if playback restarts at the moment the hardware reports playback has ended on or if playback has entered a stalled state off. Added partial support for the new Wii Remote Plus models with the following issues: The image consists of the raw output of the emulated system, saved in PNGs numbered from to in the game’s directory Confirmation dialogs for resetting a game, loading a state, overwriting a state, and resetting the key config Android: Fixed missing libsndfile support for.

If everything worked in 1.

gba emu 1.5.14 apk

Optional notification icons to show when the app is suspended in the background iOS: