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O My dear friend, that Personality of Godhead, also known as the enchanter of Cupid, always increases the desire of My nostrils. Hearing these words from the lotus flower, who is exclusively dependent on the now rising sun, and very happy through its association its warm rays , the water lily becomes shy and covers her face with her petals in the morning. He is certainly increasing the desires of My tongue. Thus she follows her lover. You are manipulated by the udara-vegam, upastha-vegam. They are very much attached to this material body and anything in relationship with this body.

govinda lilamrta

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You are manipulated by the udara-vegam, upastha-vegam.

Look at this rising sun! The breezes spread their auspicious aromas in all directions, bringing pure delight and joy to all.

Create a Ning Network! They are running hand in handfull of lovemarks from Their Divine lovemaking. Retrieved from ” https: So give up Your sleep, 0 Krishna! His body is cooler than the moon, sandalwood, the lotus flower and camphor.


First there is test: He asked permission of Bhaktivinoda Thakura” “Yes you can print one copy”. First let lilamrfa be fully free from all sex desires of the material world and sublte sex life. Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use Sastra Caksusa. Awaken Your lover, who is sheltered in Your arms and who is tired of loving pastimes!

Vaniquotes All categories All pages. He asked permission of Bhaktivinoda Thakura.

govinda lilamrta

Your mother has risen and is approaching Your bedroom, saying:. So wonderful I offer my humble obaisences to this sloka and sight ,Radha Krsna are running away from Nidhuvana where gpvinda they running too?

Govinda Lilamrta chapter 1 with commentaries – Sastra Caksusa

I mean never ever would only chant 16 rounds. But the real purpose of human life is to become renounced, no more material body. You’ll read and you will see that you have printed. Arise now from Your nice bed of cool leaves! Personal tools Log in. As He holds His charming flute to His lips, His face looks as beautiful as the full autumn moon. Those girlfriends, afraid of the unavoidable dawn, entered the grove which was filled with the sounds of many bees, joking and prodding each other, joyfully yovinda.


Ramachandra Puri the disciple of Madhavendra Puri. Even then most souls will never realize.

govinda lilamrta

He is certainly increasing the desires of My tongue. Paramananda das created this Ning Network.

govinda lilamrta

Look, morning has broken! This will continue so long we’ll be overpowered by material thought.


You’ll read and you will see that you have printed. Liberated for going to hell. Please arise from Your moonlike bed! By bringing Vedas, there is There are many bonafide commentaries to Govinda Lilamrtabut they have not been translated to english mostly I have lilmrta seen any.