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As a mains switch is not provided on the equipment, a readily accessible disconnect device shall be incorporated in the building installation wiring. If you do not want the automatic detector test option then enter a time of If the transmitter is a Visonic fob type then polling will not be enabled. Refer to the main edit menu, code 09, for details. This option only applies when using instant setting. This process will continue until the programmed multiple alarm limit is reached.

gsr guardall

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Refer to the section on the detector programming options for details. If no poll message is received within the poll time a polling fault will be logged and optionally signalled. This option must be programmed with an on time. Ensure that the cover remains closed after this.

If programmed a warning gardall be generated on the keypad s in the setting group s.

PX/QX/RX System Version Engineer Manual |

This is necessary to enable older panel gsd to recognise yuardall module and allow access to the appropriate programming menus Installation Special care is required when installing the GSM module or Dual Comm module; 1.

You will have to manually modify the circuit parameters. Tel Number Menu Attempts The number of consecutive call attempts to the programmed number is programmable.


If any key is pressed during the out of service time the keypad will be put back on line. If Cct Double option is on then: The remote communications options are only available when using the Guardall format.

KP 2 The bus number, bitrate on that bus in kilobits per second. If programmed in this way the panel will not answer the first call but if a second call attempt is made within the programmed double call period, the panel will answer the call on the first ring. Gusrdall the verify eng reset programming option is on, then an engineer reset is not required if an alarm is not verified.

Reset Menu v Delay minutes The delay before a mains fail is recognised is programmable. This option will only be available after the first TX is added. If a serial module is connected to the system then the serial module and data comms module addresses must be unique.

PX/QX/RX System Version 4.30 Engineer Manual

The configuration download may take several minutes. Note that setting from an ACM is not allowed if an engineer is logged on the system. This guardaol will replace the normal time, date and company name display when no user is logged on the keypad. Circuits programmed with the detector test option may be tested automatically. This will not affect the normal supply monitoring. These dates can be changed guardwll the engineer.


Fit link to power-up on battery.

gsr guardall

Tel Number Menu Alarm Report Categories The alarm report options will only be available if a dialler or Serial module is fitted to the system. The keypad message can be cancelled by gar onto a keypad.

gsr guardall

The circuit is also returned to its normal response but will still be ignored until an engineer logs onto the system. It will be turned off at the end of the programmed on time. Refer to the circuit options for details.

The strobe output may be programmed to auto reset. Isolate-Off Byp Limit-3 Man.

gsr guardall

Output Functions User Access Code This output will be turned on if an access user logs on to the programmed keypad. Output Functions Line Fault Code This output will be turned on if a telephone line fault is present for more than the line fault enable period refer to comms options. For full information on video recording refer to the Video verification manual. The [Primary Number] contains the telephone number GuardStation will dial guarsall contact the panel.