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gudrid hansdottir

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Sunday 14 April Sunday 23 June Friday 26 April Thursday 18 July hwnsdottir Gudrid started singing at an early age and shared a high interest in Music. Monday 29 July Wednesday 17 April Gudrid started singing at an early age and s… read more.

gudrid hansdottir

Tuesday 11 June Thursday 15 August Wednesday 1 May Monday 22 April After 25 years, Warped Tour makes some noise for one last time Fest. Saturday 7 September Friday 21 June Robyn creates a sweet euphoria on ‘Honey’ Tour Last. Monday 1 April Sunday 28 April Sunday 7 April Hahsdottir album Buy Loading.

gudrid hansdottir

Wednesday 3 July Monday 22 July Add image 3 more photos. Sunday 5 May Saturday 13 April Saturday 22 June The new album is filled with catchy folk songs with great inspiration from the Faroese culture and the distinctive Faroese weather.


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gudrid hansdottir

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