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Hardcover , pages. Digital Resources for Sinologists 1. Return to Book Page. This website is very much what one might expect: I’d be grateful if someone could help me find the answer! Bookends is available for Mac OS only, and is available for purchase from the website. Searches can be in any language, including simplified and traditional Chinese, though English works seem to dominate the holdings.

hanyu da cidian

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Most graphs can be searched for using either simplified or traditional forms, and sometimes variant or paleographic forms, as well as graphic subcomponents.

hanyu da cidian

Lexicographically comparable to the Oxford English Dictionaryit has diachronic coverage of the Chinese languageand traces usage over three millennia from Chinese classic texts to modern slang. Return to Book Page. Due to design errors, the version of 3. Zotero Reference Manager http: Eye Vidian dictionary and translation software is the flagship product sold by this Taiwan-based company and includes an extensive array of built-in dictionaries. The number of volumes in Chinese is substantial, and the interface can return a wide variety of file types.

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Digital Resources for Sinologists 1.0

The Siku quanshu is the largest single collection of books compiled in Chinese history 3, total works with over eight hundred million characters and is currently also the largest digitized corpus of Chinese works available.

A separate index volume listsentries for characters by their position within words and phrases, something like a reverse dictionary. The Center has created a database of single-graph images taken from the official publications of the excavated bamboo and silk manuscripts from the ancient states of Chu, Qin, and Han. Share your thoughts with other customers.


The English terms which form the basis of the database are taken from many highly regarded translations of a wide variety of early Chinese texts, both transmitted and excavated, including much of the early Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist canons.

hanyu da cidian

The site also provides English translations for most texts, an extensive Bibliography section, and a well-developed wiki with an active community.

CD-ROM available from the publisher. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Thus, dictionary systems and related lexical tools have recently been improving daa, becoming more comprehensive, faster, and including many new functions. This Japanese-language website is dedicated to photos of unique and interesting graphic forms of Chinese characters and Japanese kanji as found in public monuments and signs throughout East Asia.

One of the more useful features of the CHANT interface cidiqn that variant graphs and notes from other editions are included via pop-up windows, usually with full citations. In terms of etymology, their importance has slowly diminished, since some follow semantic considerations while others are phonetically motivated, or are on occasion completely arbitrary.

hanyu da cidian

Definitions and explanations are in simplified, excepting classical quotations. One particularly useful function is that users can input a short text in Chinese characters, which is then parsed programmatically and returns the entries for each graph, word, or phrase in turn. One should be aware that only a subset of all Chinese cidin have been included into the Unicode standard—thereby becoming searchable and independent of modalities such as writing style and format—and only a subset of this is janyu in most Chinese fonts.

Hanyu Da Cidian: An Unabridged Chinese Dictionary On Historical Principles

While not designed expressly for sinologists, the full-text search functions in Google Books deserve mention as the number of volumes now stretches into the tens of millions. The dictionary features simple glosses for Chinese characters and compounds, explanations for graphic composition, and parts of speech unfortunately all entries are images, so they cannot be cut-and-pasted into other applications. Another obvious advantage of stroke-based input is that users are then less prone to losing the ability to handwrite characters, a problem which is increasingly being perceived as affecting literacy in general, and not just by opponents of computerization.


Also included in Lingoes and Pleco, see below. Variant and paleographic forms, stroke order, subcomponents, and a variety of lexical references are also listed for each individual graph, any of which can be used as search lemmata.

Hanyu Da Cidian | Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing – eBooks | Read eBooks online

Entries and search functions are in simplified Chinese characters, though traditional characters can also be used to return stroke order and compositionally related graphs. This dictionary website run by the Taiwan MOE is in traditional Chinese characters only; basic character information and definitions by part of speech are provided for individual graphs and a large number of compounds, including the locus classicus for each.

Users can search within volumes to quickly return all mentions of the search term in a specific work, much like a custom index. Zotero is a free, web-based or offline bibliographic reference manager like Endnoteand has become apopular tool for many users working with Chinese and other Unicode character sets.

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Retrieved 21 November Volume 13 has both pinyin and stroke count indexes, plus appendices.