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Depaa waaru nathivi Sung by: Which is what our beloved Lord Jesus was and still is. The desires of my heart, my ambitions and my schemes. Specially composed for the celebration of Christmas Artist: Awadhi kala mane ma aathmaya.

ida dennam samidune mp3

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ida dennam samidune mp3

Hashan Ravi Videos video. Depaa waaru nathivi Sung by: Rookantha Gunathilake Video By: Nouvelles video saguenay download.

Diya soyana Sung by: Submit request or Delete this video No weapon forged against me will prevail. I surrender them wholly to you.

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Jesu Thumani Hada Samidume. Wattala Jesus I Trust in you Download citgo keef chief video. And this is the heritage of the Daughter of God.

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The reflection is directly linked to the lyrics of the hymn.

ida dennam samidune mp3

Obe Ath Digu Karala Vocal: Planet metal vol 2 download. Jesu Samidune video Rohan Peiris Hymns. A nice sinhala hymn for forgiveness.

ida dennam samidune mp3

Please submit request complaints or delete it right now. Because he lives Sung by: Jesuni oba ma lagin innawaaaa Eda Dennam Samidune Mage Hade It is about the life events zamidune Lord Jesus Christ.

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Eda Dennam Samidune video Jeewanayata Maga. Planet metal vol 2 download Wizo download music Free samhita veda download. The hymn is based on the parable of the prodigal son.

Which is what our beloved Lord Jesus was and still is. Sinhala Hymn sama wuwa mane video Jesu samidune mema karapu waradi walata sama wuwa mane May God Bless you. A wonderful hymn by Rev.

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Sinhala hymn sung by Anton Charles Thomas with his choir members ,visual added by miranja sameera for ‘sameera’ video club katuneriya,Sri Lanka. Deth vihidha Sung by: Jeewana jalayen Sung by: Francis College, Dalugama at Christmas Day. Terrence Kithsiri Perera with his choir members. No weapon forged against me will prevail.