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If there aren’t any, which will often be the case with lists that form the basis of an index, press Load styles to load all paragraph styles from the document in InDesign’s next window. But that restricted scope can be expanded as follows:. How do we handle problem users? Learn how your comment data is processed. Such choices are specified in the top left box. The newly saved text file was then opened in Textwrangler.


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Put simply, there were just too many entries for the machine to handle. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: February 26, at 7: By design the script considers an entry idexmatic up to the first comma or parenthesis.


Grouping creates a scope island, so to speak, therefore the question mark has scope over all options in the group. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The script uses strikethrough to mark unfound topics so you indexkatic easily identify them. It’s a free download from his website which is in French, but the page I’ve linked has English instructions.



You can also select the output in various formats Asked 7 years, 7 months ago. Indexmativ there wereindex entries in this book and each entry had its own character style, there were easier methods to indwxmatic this task. I’m planning to create an index automatically and then fine tune the entries manually. The newly saved text file was then opened in Textwrangler. At Topic—page separator you pick which character or characters that should be used between topics and the first page reference.

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With 0, the spanner hyphenates only indexmatkc numbers. Prepress and InDesign advice. How do we handle problem users? The scope of the question mark is just one character.


Luckily, all the text for this project, while many pages long, was all in one text frame. Email Required, but never shown. My general solution is to create index from pdf by means of free soft called Index generator. Selecting paragraph styles Items nidexmatic some types of secondary text bibliographies, quotations, etc.

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The document’s paragraph styles are shown in the list on the right. Colin Flashman is an Adobe Community Professional. There are several scripts online that can create index entries from character styles:. If the code is hard to see in the picture, here is the type:. Lubos Lubos 41 5 5 bronze badges. Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. If you are interested, I can explain it more detailed in some other comment or I will update this answer.

In a normal book, indexing is something that is done carefully by the author or staff dedicated to the task — entries in the index often refer to certain instances of a word rather than every instance of its use.