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Updated clock format selector. Added night time clock faces in dropdown. Added option to choose week number format. Updated Intel sensors module. Added ability to drag to scroll the hourly time view in the weather dropdown. Fixed bug with stale network shares in disks extra. Processes monitoring – Users can now monitor which processes are using the most CPU.

istat menus 3.19

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Added AccuWeather as a weather provider option. Added support for 24 hour time in world clocks section. Added option to use custom graph colors in memory extra.

iStat Menus for Tiger PPC.

Added an option to hide decimal places for temperatures in weather dropdown. Added option to show week numbers in calendar. Added Wi-Fi power toggle to network dropdown. Fixed an issue where processes could be displayed the wrong name.


istat menus 3.19

Added active GPU menubar item. Replaced open iCal with open Calendar for Mountain Lion users. Download iStat Menus 4. 31.9 ability to re-order world clock in preference pane. Added optional shadows for bandwidth text.

Replaced old world clock format options with a new format selector. Fixed some issues with importing a settings file from version 5. Improved support for Mavericks developer preview. Added process monitoring to memory extra. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

Fixed an issue where network bandwidth could be truncated in the menubar.

iStat Menus version history

Improved calendar support for countries where weekends are on thursday and friday. Fixed menubar moon display. Clicking on disk icons will open the drive in Finder Fixed issues with IPSec connections. Improved rendering of menubar calendar numbers.

Improved and reduced width of menubar text modes.

istat menus 3.19

Fixed an issue with processes not displaying. Improved per process network monitoring in macOS Improved application bandwidth monitoring. Fixed an issue with connection time for some VPN connections.


Added ability to choose which S. Istzt a separate notification type for IPv6 address changes. Improved launcher — iStat Menus icon in dropdowns will now launch a specific preferences tab.

Added support for late MacBook Pros.

iStat Menus version history

Added font size option for clock text. Added over 20, new cities to world clock database. Added ability to copy public IP address. Fixed bug with 3rd load average value in CPU extra.