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What are the advantages of using Karnataka Bank mobile banking? Services offered to the customer: Hope the management releases a fixed version soon. To be on the right path, Karnataka Bank launched its KBL Mobile Banking application to assist its users in banking transactions on-the-go using their mobile. Read on to find out what are such advantages: Customers of Karnataka ban can access all the features of the bank that are not restricted by any time by the central bank, on his fingertips at his choice of time. It might happen that some form of cons might creep in but for the major part of it, Karnataka Bank mobile banking is a must have for any person who is a customer at Karnataka bank.

kbl mobile banking app

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The greatest advantage that bankig to a customer of the bank is that he can now make the use of mobile banking application to get the services of the bank at any time of the day, no matter if it is a banking holiday or a week end day or if it is mid night. Mobile banking offers a host of services on a single platform, ensuring that a customer does not need to download or visit ten different platforms for accessing those services.

Check your transactions in a digital passbook Enabled with kb different types of languages. Karnataka Bank ,obile Banking. Mobile banking is defined as the innovation of sophisticated technology wherein, banking services are provided at the comfort of the mobile screen of a bank customer.

Mobile banking is one such innovation that makes the achievement of bankiny dream a clear reality. You can also make investments and request for new account with Karnataka Bank app.

kbl mobile banking app

Offered by most banks in India, Karnataka Bank mobile banking allows a customer to transact using digital tools, available right at the comfort of his mobile screen. To provide its users with an additional and easier way of banking, Karnataka Bank has launched the following mobile apps:. Alternatively, you can also visit the branch and submit mobil application requesting the base branch to reset your MPIN.


kbl mobile banking app

Mobile banking is essentially the technology of the recent day and is here to stay for a long time. There are many benefits of using Karnataka Bank mobile banking that a customer can derive at the comfort of his home and in the power of his hands. This feature eliminates the need to haggle with unreasonable bank staff and rude officials who used to take it as their right to play with the customers of the bank for their fun.

Karnataka Bank Mobile Banking

The procedure to make use of a mobile banking application is quite simple and can be easily understood bannking the steps that guide the customer throughout the application. Mobile banking has truly changed the way in which conventional banking has been deployed until now. Is Karnataka Bank Mobile Banking service chargeable?

Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

‎KBL MOBILE Plus on the App Store

You will also be required to change the MPIN instantly. What are the advantages of using Karnataka Bank mobile banking? What is Mobile Banking? The App is alright in terms of functionality but then I do not see any beneficiary added to my account where as when I login from the desktop it shows the added beneficiaries. Customer is provided with an option to change the M-PIN at his choice.

Customer can give feed back to bank. Hoping this was a constructive review. Should you make use of Karnataka Bank mobile banking? Now, since technology has become so sophisticated and smart, we are finally able to utilize it for the better of the civilization and develop new ways to do age old tasks that are usually a monopoly of old systems.



So, if you wish to avail banking services at the comfort of your home, without the need to step inside the branch of a bank and that too, at any time of the day, then mobile banking is an absolutely promising notion for you to try and use. The activation process is completed by online validation of the details and subsequent to this the activated user is forced to change the MPIN immediately. I am a customer of Karnataka Bank for last 10 years.

I have to close and reopen the app again. Mobile banking is a conglomeration of various services that have been traditionally rendered at a bank until now. Karnataka Bank mobile banking makes sure that no banking customer has to face the same issues that people used to face in those times when they had to stand in long queues to avail banking services.

kbl mobile banking app

Read on to find out what are such advantages:. Yes, you can use IMPS service to transfer funds instantly. It achieves the target of digitization and cashless economy that the Indian financial system is striving to move forward to.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The branch will scrutinize the Mobile Banking Applicationboth for the existing and new customers by adhering to extant KYC norms and activate the facility.