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Kettlespider CD Baby This record sounds as if it had been made especially for me – tusen takk! Their pieces are balanced and they flow just between a power house rhythm section and the perfect melody. It could be a great album to throw on to kick back to after a heavy day, or could serve as a way to fire up the imagination as the music lifts the spirit and always comes across as exciting. The spider has awakened to life. Even the delicate soft interlude at the one minute mark has me on pins and needles.


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Kettlespider ‘s tightly-wound instrumental prog already displayed a skill well beyond their years; on a more personal level the band’s sound really mirrored my listening tastes around that time. Eventually, they withdrew the songs to compile them into a new album.

I still enjoy Avadante, but “Kettlespider” confirms that this band is now better, stronger, and continuing to grow.


Review by Conor Fynes Prog Kdttlespider. There are many sections that sound directly torn from the script of one of their influences; nothing sounds like it was it was completely born with them. Jason Slack Layout and Design: Being an instrumental album it is up to the listener to engage in whatever way they seem fit. If you like Kettlespider, you may also like: Across the eight songs here, to varying extents, Kettlespider have effectively translated pop songwriting sensibilities onto an instrumental progressive format.


It blows the gasket off the carboretter with a ton of staccato guitar punches and a relentless rhythm section. Now they’re getting into my comfort zone!

Although Dream Theater at their most symphonic often comes to mind, the best parallel I ketglespider draw for Kettlespider would be Mogwai- specifically their recent material. Break The Safe Pt. For a concept album about a man in terminal comatose, “Avadante” manages to create a remarkable atmosphere of life-affirmation and hope. The shift at the end of the ,ettlespider minute to a gentle and spacious section is quite unexpected and interesting.

While I would already give this album more than a passing grade just from the production and soundscape alone, it’s the bands songwriting that really it home for me.

Album Review: Kettlespider – Kettlespider

Eventually, the music takes wing away from the dirty city into the expansive heights above. Avadante shows the sincerest and the humblest side of the style.


Other sites in the MAC network: This album is a powerful offering from the Australians. Streaming and Download help. It’s more of a sonic accessibility really, the sort of beauty you would often find in effective film score music.

KETTLESPIDER discography and reviews

Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. It’s proof that you don’t need a singer to make emotionally stirring music, really. They’ll establish a theme, and go to town on it.


Overall, “Kettlespider” is adventurous prog with some heavy guitar replenished by orchestrated keyboards and a relentless rhythm section. Assuming a rondo-like form, the song alternates the kett,espider passages with interludes that are meditative, jazzy, or soaring.


Ketltespider of that would have justified me remembering Kettlespider for this long however. Likable and yet unspectacular.

The guitar solo towards the middle of the song, as well as the guitar-organ interplay are exceptionally well executed. Kettlespider have released something really special.

Kettlespider | Kettlespider

Fast-forward a fifth of my lifetime, and I still remember Avadante and the band responsible for it with warmth. A luxuriant smorgasbord of Neurosis-esque post-metal songs inspired by delicious sandwiches At last, the eponymous album is here, and, after seven complete listens, I can say that the wait was worth it.

Break The Safe Pt. Guitar solo after the break is such a melodic outburst.