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Download the entire Drywall Manual. This section contains a full range of lightweight partition and wall systems for use in new and e How can I access White Book Content? Lafarge Plasterboard is a member ofthe Groups gypsum division. The new advisories will appear alongside existing technical and compliance information already provided on plasterboard products.

lafarge drywall manual

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Lafarge a world leaderLafarge is a world leader in themanufacture and supply ofconstruction materials. It also demonstrates the commitment to continuous safety improvement by the GPDA, as part of industry-wide pafarge. The metal systems increasingly usedin conjunction with wallboardsintroduce an added element offactory control on-site, readilyaccommodate building services andavoid the problems sometimesassociated with traditional timberstuds drying out over time.

Drywall Manual – Siniat UK

Lafarge Plasterboard is a member ofthe Groups gypsum division. The Groups global strength hasbeen built on over years ofexperience and innovation inmanufacture, materials, design andmethodology.

lafarge drywall manual

Technical performance C02 This section provides guidance on the technical performance and principles of system design. Download details for linings.

lafarge drywall manual

Download details for floors and ceilings. The Drywall AdvantageDrywall systems provide aneconomic, high performance optionto meet a broad range ofconstruction requirements.

The White Book

In refurbishment work, LafargeCormet metal systems provide aconvenient means of creating trueand flat surfaces over the mustuneven of substrates. Steel encasements C03 This section contains steel encasement systems that provide up to minutes of fire protection We develop and provide effective solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of the industry, whi Post on Dec views.


Sound absorbing solutions C09 This section details sound absorbing solutions which both provide reverberation control and impro Actual risk is affected by a wide range of factors such as the route to the job, installation, weather conditions, the size of the operative, etc. This plant is among the mosttechnically advanced drywallproduction units in the world.

Home Documents Drywall Manual.

GTEC Fire Core board

FM Certificate No. It is a comprehensive guide to finding solutions using British Gypsum products and systems.

lafarge drywall manual

Theinformation given in this publication is correct dryaall the best of the publishers knowledge, but users must satisfy themselves as to the suitabilityof any particular product or detail for a specific application. Lafarges comprehensiveenvironmental policy covers allaspects from the extraction of rawmaterials to recycling and the lifecycle impacts of individual products. It includes the way we work withsuppliers and the protection ofwildlife habitats.

If you cannot find astandard system to matchyour concept, contact ourtechnical advice service,Technical Enquiryline, whichwill work with you todevelop a bespoke solution.

Enhancing the safety guidance on plasterboard products in this way adds to those advantages for installers handling plasterboard on site. It has been designed in tandem withour on line information systems andall of the data incorporated is alsoavailable by logging on towww.


GTEC Fire Core board – Performance Plasterboards – Dry Lining & Partitioning – SIG Insulation

The White Book For all partitions, wall lining and ceiling systems. Linings C07 This section contains our wall and roof lining systems, covering all applications, from a basic w In every kind of building, we help to build ceilings, wall linings and partitions, provide therma It isactive in 75 countries and employssome 77, people. Partitions C04 This section contains a full range of lightweight partition and wall systems for use in new and e It wasestablished in the UK in andhas its principal manufacturingfacility on the outskirts of Bristol.

The Drywall Training CentreFor all drywall training needs from basic introduction to advanced skills and development.

This section contains a full range of lightweight partition and wall systems for lafwrge in new and e Use the White Book companion app to view helpful videos from the White Book. The warning label can only be a guide.