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In such a case, the connection is immediately established with the specified settings. For example, if the value 0x is set, this means that only bit 0 and bit 3 are used for comparison to the comparison “Value”. User Manual Revision 1. Bluetooth Installation Overview Why Bluetooth? The “Auto-start” radio button allows you to link the execution of the tuning movement and the start of recording. In the Current Control operating mode, the motor is moved corresponding to a voltage-dependent reference current. If you move the mouse pointer over a button, the software displays a “Tooltip”; in addition, a short description of the function may be shown in the “status bar”.

lexium ct software

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Selection of the torque directly in the window by entering the value or using the slider Supply of the value via the analog input ANA1. You should be familiar with the Windows operating system to work with the commissioning software. Please send any comments to: The contents of this publication, and any associated documentation provided to you, must not be disclosed to any softwqre party without.

Lexium CT installer

The event that the selected parameter must meet to start the recording is selected in the “Event” input field. Display of detailed information softwars devices found on the network Display of product manuals Access to online information on the products Commissioning software The operating modes are described in detail in the product manuals.


In the operating mode Profile Torque, the motor is moved depending on a voltage-dependent torque value.

A connection to the device is not required. The software can automatically check for available updates. Use the “Start recording” button to start recording. It is possible to add individual products to the list at a later point in time. The left pane shows items, the associated parameters are displayed in the right pane. If you click an entry, the software displays a window with additional information on the message.

Please check back with your network administrator for the settings required for your network. You can set a motion profile with values for acceleration ramp, deceleration ramp and target velocity.

Lexium CT Commissioning software Software manual V, – PDF

This Quick Start document contains. Have you switched on the product?

lexium ct software

The commissioning software display the user interface for the corresponding product. The switch “Enable” allows you to softaare and disable the power stage of the device. The field shows the currently active asynchronous error. If the connection between the PC and device is lost, the motor stops within the cycle time.

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If you are in a network that uses a proxy server to connect to the internet, proceed as follows: The “Simply Start Wizard” guides you through the commissing steps.


Comfort allows you to set certain values manually. Selection of the value directly in the window by entering the value or using the slider Supply of the value via the analog input ANA1.

sofhware Do not operate the drive system with unknown settings or data. In the operating mode Profile Velocity, the drive accelerates to an adjustable target speed of rotation. You can scan a fieldbus network with different device types and unknown addresses.

lexium ct software

Start the installation via the file “LexiumCTInstall. To select a different range, right-click “Network” and select “Configure the network scan”. It structures the functions just like in other application programs. Fiery E Color Server. There are two ways of specifying values via the commissioning software: This document applies to firmware version 2.

The functions of the commissioning software automatically adapt to the products. Use the menu item ” Diagnostics Delete error memory