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Administrators will be notified and then can accept a user or not. For such simple operations we suggest using the mysql command line as shown below. Ubuntu 16 now officially supports PHP7, but after an upgrade I still found php5 around. At the server level, you should make sure that the web server can write into the images directory. If this file is not there, the wiki will not work at all – if the wiki does work, the file is there. In some wikis you may want to set permissions, e.

localsettings.php mediawiki

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You reported this tutorial. In the absence of installation instructions, using previously saved code: Only important for a relatively open wiki. If you don’t have many other portals where scripts can run wild, you could use fairly large values here even go higher than below.

– Wikimedia configuration files

Your changes will take localsfttings.php immediately after saving the file again on the server: Also you can configure your database server to only accept connections from localhost – this should prevent access from outside in case of leaked credentials.


This way you are fairly sure that new extensions you will install should last a bit. Installing the Visual Mexiawiki requires a JavaScript server, i. For the most part, you will see the following syntax: See also the section on skins.


Here is an easy way to do achieve this for the content pages. Image administration Image thumbnailing for detailed information and trouble-shooting. TitleKey now installed here only example, full set of update commands available further down!

localsettings.php mediawiki

This prevents admins from accidentally adding new information after this tag. Take heed not to have any pages already titled in that namespace, for instance if you had a page called “Technical: Often, students just pick an ugly “mail account” type of name and then want to change. In this wiki, as of version 1.

IKt should mediqwiki until June mmediawiki However more than just downloading is always required. We shall explain later how to manage user rights and how to fight spam.

Mediawiki installation – EduTech Wiki

This file has many different configuration settings, but not all of the available settings are defined here. See also the Mediawiki article where we list extensions we find useful to have.

Now make sure to select the right version, e. To kill unused accounts, use removeUnusedAccounts. Changing the script name is probably not a good idea. You should now know how to configure some common settings located within the LocalSettings.


They can also localsettings.php used to repair files previously broken by document editors. I’m having this problem too, any other ideas? After erroneously localizing commons images not to openmedia but to local wikis, extension Nuke was used to deleted the caching-bot imports, and deleteArchivedFiles to actually delete all archived files, e.

You also should localsettkngs.php if it is not already installed. This extension was broken somtimes in the past. Uncomment the next two variables to configure MediaWiki to use imagemagick for image resizing, converting, and manipulating.

localsettings.php mediawiki

Other skins are not as well supported. Normally this should be done by the update script if I am not wrong This is a JavaScript web server and is needed for the VisualEditor. For example, to enable subpages in the main namespace:.