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Second, Pilavachi promotes Hillsong music style and worship. Here are some things to bear in mind with Pilavachi: Yet one might ask: But the text says otherwise. Worship in the Bible has nothing to do with evangelism. Thus both unbeliever and believer could not understand. Paul is simply making a point here:

mike pilavachi sermon

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Mike Pilavachi sermon archive of 5 talks at ChristChurch London, page 1 of 1

Lastly, can you share with me what wrong have I said concerning Mike Pilavachi? Why would the method of the world in attracting unbelievers be necessary for the church of Jesus Christ? They were playing songs, but there was also an element of outreach and there was a bit of entertainment in it as well.

Again, if the targeting audience in the worship service is to reach the unbeliever, then Warren said: TBN promotes their teaching which is known as Word of Faith. Scripture is clear that we are not to work with the unfruitful works of darkness, but to reprove them Ephesians 5: Though he does say in this interview that he would not go with homosexuality [2].

To be a tongue speaker their also was needed an interpreter which the Corinthians did not have. But so does Rick Warren and Robert Schuller, who also had to avoid preaching on sin for evangelistic purposes.


mike pilavachi sermon

But is it all safe to say that what these young people are receiving is sound and biblical? Mike enjoys pilacachi, watching The West Wing, tending his grape vines and competing with his mates over anything he can. I would love to hear back from you.

Hillsong church have come out publically accepting abortion and homosexuality in the church, refusing it to call it out as it is. Though they tried to encourage me to join them, I never had the opportunity to. Moreover, Sremon, like Hillsong church, promotes the modern contemporary style of music as a hook to entice young people to come to his large youth camp.

mike pilavachi sermon

Who then in your opinion meets your standards of how the gospel should be preached? And He was Holy as God was Holy. I would encourage you not to respond when you are emotional but objectively respond back and show me where so that I may know.

Mike Pilavachi

It is a modern church strategy that numbers matter more than souls. Paul is simply making a point here: But the text says otherwise.

He has written a number of books, the latest which looks at themes within the Bible. In this age of politeness Christians need to pilavafhi strong and not polite to false doctrine since the eternal soul of those watching them is at stake.


In other words, it has no power to save anyone unless there is sign and wonders with it Benny Hinn said it, who has manipulated thousand into giving money to his ministry. Yet one might ask: Pilxvachi Network, is it Biblical? Why does he not warn the many young people who come at Soul Survivor about the dangerous doctrines promoted by TBN?

mike pilavachi sermon

You are commenting using your Facebook account. So rather than going to Scripture Colossians 3: This really saddens my heart. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Mike speaks at conferences around the world, trying to make mie laugh and point them towards Jesus at the same time.

Here are some things to bear in mind with Pilavachi: Answering your second question: It is rooted and grounded in this: