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The psuedo-philosophical lyrics can get a little awkward but the track seems to succeed because of the strange earnestness rather than in spite of it. Brick Squad could have been one of the top crews this year. For Vic Mensa, a 19 year old kid living in the brutal city of Chicago, Hollywood is the place of legend with streets of gold and good cannabis. But even without all of that, the music would speak for itself. When Shlohmo remixed a highlight from the tape, it was clear they had natural chemistry. Dot watched his family fall apart from it. But both of those acts bombed critically, selling out both their styles for an awkward pop mesh.

modern day hippie curren y free mp3

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modern day hippie curren y free mp3

Odd Future also deals with layers, using their juvenile appearance to come to terms with betrayal and insecurities. Please mpdern the absurd imagery he hides within his rhyme schemes, rapping about rich nigga centipedes and becomes a bearded old seer on top of a mountain. Joe Moses, who I really wanted to hear more from this year, comes through with a phenomenal verse. From the jazzy production to the movie skits to the album concept, this is a retro tinged affair.

The way I feel about Eminem is probably the way a lot of people my age feel about him. And Isaiah gree raps his ass off here: Dot watched his family fall apart from it. Does it seem like a paradise?


It may be the last time Yeezy chops up a frew sample like that again. As if all the sneering in the song was directed specifically at the hard working women who had to pay their way through school and raise families by themselves. Inspired by the Will Ferrell film, the two rappers displayed absurd amounts of chemistry as both of them tried to one up the other with each song.

And curreh were still some dope albums. Gregorian monks are chanting in a monastery.

Has a monolithic pop star at the peak of his career ever released an album this divisive? My Bloody Valentine returned triumphant to an indie landscape completely influenced by their shoegaze dronings.

modern day hippie curren y free mp3

But this song is one of the few on the album that took his new found aggressive rapping and put it in context of his personal matters. The password is Now this one just made sense on paper. And the pictures he paints are so vivid that the listener is right behind the camera with him.

So far currfn decade guitar groups have been practically irrelevant.

Curren$y – hungryhippopotamus

No wonder Drake used it as his own coronation moment with Jay-Z. While sometimes impressive, his flow is all over the place and gives the song no consistency. Every song is a showcase for a master at work.


Pitchfork ranked Drake and Kanye as their top 2 songs of the currsn. Both men tried to play the game the industry approved way but failed.

And its so dope that even guys want to be a part of it. The double sided coin of making it big. A lot of good it did them. No wonder it drew the respect of the late Lou Reed.

The collaborations that happen today would be impossible just five or ten years ago. Currwn Scarface and more Michael Corleone. And he backed it all up with such an astounding string of guest verses that he could have taken every spot on this list.


Arcade Fire teamed up with indie-electronic producer extraordinaire James Murphy to create a stadium dance record. When he returns to his high school he sees his best friend gunned down in front of him. Dot is an honest to god superstar. Slim Shady has stumbled in post retirement.

modern day hippie curren y free mp3

His too fake to be real relationship with Kim Kardashian.