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Traffic alarms can be defined based on network segment. Depending on network traffic and analysis performance required, the requirements may be substantially higher. As a network performance analysis solution, nChronos allows users to view historical data just by a drag. Based on the architecture that nChronos stores all data on nChronos Server while nChronos Console works like a display, users who want to view network data have to connect to nChronos Server first. For WYSIWYG reports, you still can set the report time, compare the report data with historical data, and send the report to any email recipients. June, Colasoft nChronos v4. With nChronos you can now simply “rewind and replay” your network traffic.


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On the activation interface, click the link in Option 1, and then Colasoft Activation Webpage pops up: Users can define TCP transactions based on the protocol fields of application layer according to actual network applications. Network problems never occur when you watching the network. A Multi-Segment Analysis window has a timeline pane to show the traffic trends of nchronso links.

Version History

Study Guide Chapter 4 Connect. Network security has become of paramount importance to us in our daily lives as more and more civil, military and scientific work and facilities are becoming dependant on networks. Just click the Generate Graph icon on the toolbar, all the data are displayed in a top chart.


Transactions based on Oracle or DB2 database can be analyzed. Activating nChronos Server with license file When you don’t have Internet connection or failed to activate online, you can choose this method to activate nChronos. HTTP reconstruction is an advanced network security feature offered by nChronos version 4. Type of media supported: With flexible and non-intrusive deployment with standard network mirror port or link tap technologies, it provides native packets for the Console to go back in time and complete retrospective network analysis.


This is the page from where you can start monitoring of the various network interfaces all over your network. Obtaining license file via Colasoft Support Follow the steps below to obtain license file via Colasoft Support: Performs 7×24 real-time packet capturing and continually store to hard disk for quick packets and statistics retrieval.

Based on the long-term network traffic capture and analysis data, nChronos visualizes the statistics in trend charts to help IT stuff establish baseline for the entire network, and get hold of the trend of the network operations in long-term running, identify and pinpoint network problems, acquire the evidence for decision-making on network policies, and reinforce the overall technical level for network management as well as the ability to solve network issues.

If you have Internet connection, you are recommended to activate nChronos Server online. A Multi-Segment Detail Analysis window shows the detailed analysis results and visualizes the conversation flow across multiple segments.

What’s New in nChronos

If you double click any of those lines denoting a conversion it opens up an actual data exchange between the nodes. The password for the account. The tree-like expanded way of showing protocols under particular data units, based on the layers involved, was useful. There are ncgronos tabs to display different metrics for the selected objects analysis.


Network Security Product Review: If you can’t answer these questions then you should baseline your network. With that view, just by a glance you can know which applications and protocols are running between segments. Different metrics correspond to different analysis objects. Both whitelist and blacklist are defined based on server IP, server port number, client IP, application and protocol.


nChronos Network Performance Analysis and Diagnostics Solution – Colasoft

Here are the top 5 reasons to buy your company a nChronos You no longer have to wait for it to fail again to solve the problem. This is very important for a network manager if there is a need to decipher what exact communication was ensuing between to nodes, be it physical or IP, for a given point of time.

Sometimes we need to see the nchfonos details to define the root cause when there is abnormality on the network, especially when we need to define the problem which is related to network or to application. You need to click-n-drag on the trend chart to select a time slice.

Colasoft: nChronos v3 Server and Console Review

When alarms are triggered, the alarm logs can be ncyronos to specified email addresses. Click Yes, and then follow the Activation Wizard to complete the activation. To activate nChronos Server online, just enter the serial number and then click Next to complete the activation.

Then specify a local folder and file name to save the packets, and then click Download button. Depends on hard disk space.