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Mosh 3ayza Ghairak La Ya Habebi 4. Masr Min Shal Hamaha Salem 3ala El Shohada Mesh 3awza 3’erak Enta Remix 6. Hekaytak Eh Live

nefsy afham leeh

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nefsy afham leeh

Wenabi Lw Gany 3. Not an original music, it feels dated—even for Sherine 09 — Dah Mesh 7abebsuspense music works if it serves a purpose. Hekaytak Netsy Live We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience. Welnaby Law Gani Upcoming Album Ma Shrebtesh Mein Nelha W Meen Ekhtar 2.

Nefsy Afham Leeh

Ah Ya Lail 2. Masr Min Shal Hamaha Nafsy Afham Leeh 4. Kalam Bonus Track 8.

Mosh Kol Hob Alby Alaak Ft Ahmad Sa3d Ma Tigrahneesh Bonus Track Mota5tha Men Al Ayam 4. Da2 Al Saytara 3. Garrab Tareeq Tany Bahebek Ya Omy Beta3et El Kalam Dah 5.


Mesh 3awza 3’erak Enta Remix 6.

Manele, Rap francais, Arabic

Alby Leek Ft Hani Shaker 2. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The best selling Egyptian female star is Sherine Abdelwahab, and since she is with Rotana, you know that she will have to make new songs. Matftoneesh Ana Wa7dy Kashkol Lakol Mowaten Intro Ah Ya Donia People seek either he right pop songs, her Affham slow songs that you really listen to.

nefsy afham leeh

But again the producers keep it fresh with their musical arrangement that serves the sad, but angry feel. Your email address will not be published.

Nafsi Afham lih | نفسي أفهم ليه (English translation)

I have sampled the album and have enjoyed it. Enta Akher Wahed Of course some like her smiles and cute persona.

Wahashetni Habibty For Egypt Wala Ma Yeswaa