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Water-based paints and varnishes, radiation-curing systems, powder and high solid coatings were the answer to these requests. Corrales 1,2 , A. There is no drug-release, but only provision of the active substance on the surface in the extended sense of a catalyst. Brinkmann 1 , Y. You have the option of changing the cookies settings in your web browser.

podstawy lakiernictwa samochodowego

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In this context, this presentation provides future-proof solutions with state-of-the-art formulation technology of Diuron.

podstawy lakiernictwa samochodowego

Contaminants on painted surfaces How to reduce the repair time? Wilhelm 3V.

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With this technology, cost-effective solutions are possible, because the required drug concentrations can be kept small. In order to prevent the premature drying, various techniques are applied, which are delaying water evaporation. The introduction of “cool coatings” reflecting radiation in the near infrared, including more than half of the energy of solar radiation reaching the Earth’s surface, allowed obtaining colored or even black less warm surfaces of roofs and facades of buildings compared to conventional substrates with the same color.

Home O nas Oferta Kontakt Dojazd. This article will highlight some of these hugely beneficial additives, particularly polyamide pre-activated pastes. Allows you to search for recipes by brand, color number, color name, or coded color standard from ColorTool. In many high performance applications the use of nanosized silica particles is an answer to these demands. Depending on the coating formulation, they prove to be hard, yet still flexible, even in cold weather.


Isoline concepts to find measurement geometries for effect coatings full Gonio-Color-Characterization. But still the most lakiernicfwa available binders are made from oil-based resources. A common problem with dispersion paints and plasters is their premature drying during application, which results in different defects occurring on the dried surface of the coating.

Mihai 2M.

podstawy lakiernictwa samochodowego

One of the most efficient paint application methods is powder coatings. They are the main ingredients in coating colours and due to commercial reasons the solid content of such dispersions has to be as high as possible.

One of the samcohodowego components providing fast curing is an acid catalyst. The Art of Mask. Dotyczy ona wszystkich witryn firmy Multichem. Rischka 1A. Waterborne systems are being established as an alternative to traditional systems in the market, having 2K waterborne systems clearly demonstrated that the high level of the traditional solvent borne standards is nowadays achievable.

Krystyna Czaja, Uniwersytet Opolski Prof.

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Waterbase coat system Aqua 2G 1K. Sustainable Protection of Building Facades. Software suite provides additional facilities and shortens daily working time. Vigdorovich 2N. Competing processes that cause losses of active substances can occur in both tests, but to a higher degree in field experiments. The article presents results of the investigation of two pigments — muscovite mica and Boruvit — that can replace MIO in some applications, and their anti-corrosive podstayw in paints.


As an acid catalyst p-toluene sulfonic acid p-TSA blocked with triethylamine was used. Your request to download the file will be sent to the Administrator who will verify your data and will promptly send the link to your e-mail address, to download the file.

Hawlet packard opracuje superkomputer na potrzeby badawcze firmy BASF. They are most suitable to analyze the appearance of the coatings and make conclusions about the effect pigments.

Through research it has been found that combining Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors NANO-VpCI with a Non-zinc environmentally friendly metal complex inhibitor will significantly improve the long-term corro sion protection of acrylic paints on steel substrates; the combination of these lakierbictwa provides a syner getic multi-layer defense of corrosion resistance thru passivation and film formation.

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