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I prefer pokesav yes but i want to learn pokegen for Black 2 since pokesav isnt available for said game. You can use it to make your own ar codes as well. Holding alt and clicking a Pokemon icon will display that Pokemon’s information instead of requiring you to right click and “View data”. Fateful Encounter- Special Events only. How do you activate the code?

pokegen black white

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Meaning that it can be put on the GTS either for battle videos or trade. I’d really like to get the event cards working, but I can’t figure out how to right now. This can be done in 2 ways I believe. Do not post yet!

Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. There’s also whte questions and answers thread that’s being updated occasionally. Forgot your username or password? Ribbons- Ribbons are unused in this game, but you can still have them.

What did I do wrong? Windows XP or newer is required. I try some types of programmes I finished “making” a turwig for my pokemon Diamond but after I did set and then save file it didn’t save at all.


Then as I saved it, the window closed. The experience is dependent on the level, so changing the level is all that is really needed.

PokeGen Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Black, White 1+2 Save Edit

Log In Sign Up. This wont break my game or anything will it? If you don’t want to receive updates to certain languages, delete the corresponding language file. Loading and saving of party and PC.

Ok, I’m glad you this information is helpful you, and will soon be able to update your program by adding this options blaack before. I have used both types of the basic WEP security. I’m really worried if it will. It’ll be uploaded later today, or within a few days.

I like more PokEdit! Windows XP or newer is required. I’m not perfect, mistakes can exist in the program still.

pokegen black white

Log In Sign Up. Most of what you need to know to use the program is self-explanatory. I created a new save file using the pokesave and converted the. Log in or Sign up.


Download PokeGen

I hope that this helps. Really good site for pokemon fans!

pokegen black white

As I said before, my DS won’t allow me to receive Wi-fi from one specific point. This topic is now pokgen to further replies. There were many changes to the program since its initial release, including a rename, removal of generation poegen support, and other major redesigns.

I prefer PokeGen to access my save file directly If you hover your mouse over the textbox for nature, a chart shows up displaying what stats each nature affects. To implement Morfeo’s suggestion, the next version’s PID generator will have a few more features.