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I also restarted the client. Also are there any moon maps in that pack? You have not to change file extension, just restart the client and map files will be renamed automatically. For any other online, move them out into the root of your game directory where ra2. Sign In Sign Up.

red alert 2 yuris revenge skirmish maps

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Take siege upon what literally are Posted March 29, Want to search yuri a specific map in CnCNet’s Map database? A 2vs2 Team map with several islands to conquer. There is plenty of ore and tech buildings. Description This is the continent of Asia! There were several maps i downloaded from a link given by a player since the upload from player to server thing filed.

This is Africa; like the mqps, Asia, Antarctica, etc you fight on a Continent. Posted June 6, Am i the only one who would like this? Description Take siege upon what literally are Make Yuri faction avoidable in quik match?


Its working perfectly btw and even download maps by other players.

RA2 & YR Maps – A ginormous collection of maps! – RA2/YR Maps – CnCNet Community Forums

Posted January 9, How to use these maps in the cncnet client? It took a while for the program to rename all the maps. Hey, I don’t receive the verification code. And still doesn’t now. Copy-paste the following into the address bar of your web browser: Not “battle” which usually shows as default. Description This is South America map for 6 players.

Posted January 10, Official Westwood Map Packs. How to host a CnCNet server. Survival Maps by Dctanxman alerh Yuri’s Revenge. Sign in Already have an account? This is South America map for 6 players. Download the server and start it: Posted April 15, Huge map with plenty yurus resources.

red alert 2 yuris revenge skirmish maps

Also, feel free to sort out my unsorted maps that I linked above! Have fun battling on Japan, China, Russia, etc.


Command and conquer red alert 2 maps download

I just stick my maps in the red Alers 2 folder. Do a bunch at a time. Skirmmish January 14, It’s cluttered chaos, but it works. It has some parts of North America as well.

red alert 2 yuris revenge skirmish maps