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The following statements are used:. Based on the fitted distribution, failures are mitigated, or warranty returns are predicted, or maintenance actions are planned. In this case, the primary purpose of any R-DOE analysis is to identify which of the inputs affect the life of the product by investigating if change in the level of any input factors leads to a significant change in the life of the product. An experiment was carried out to investigate the effect of five factors each at two levels on the reliability of fluorescent lights Taguchi, , p. Knowing the MLE estimates, the likelihood ratio test for the significance of factor can be carried out.

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Reliability DOE for Life Tests

The statistic corresponding to this difference is:. The results show that factors, and are active at a significance level of 0. For the probability plot, the standardized residuals are displayed on a normal probability plot. The probability density function for the lognormal distribution is:. For parameters, the Fisher information matrix is obtained from the log-likelihood function as follows:.

Since the confidence interval does not include zero it can be concluded that the two levels are significantly different at. Based on the model equations mentioned thus far, the analyst can easily conduct an R-DOE analysis for the lognormally distributed reliiasoft data using standard regression techniques.

Reliability DOE for Life Tests – ReliaWiki

The variance for the predicted values of life characteristic can be calculated using the following equation:. The statistic used for the test is the likelihood ratio.

Since factor has three levels, the model for the life characteristic,is:. Therefore, the model of the above equation can be written using a single indicator variable,to represent the two level factor as:.


Rreliasoft details see [Meeker and Escobar ]. Such an approach, if properly implemented, can result in significant cost savings, especially in terms of fewer warranty returns or repair and maintenance actions.

reliasoft doe

In DFR, reliability analysis is carried out in conjunction with physics of failure and experiment design techniques. This is because under the assumed model for the lognormal distribution, the standardized residuals should follow a normal distribution with a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1.

ALTA allows for modeling of the nature of relationship between life and stress.

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Additional results for single factor R-DOE analysis obtained from the DOE folio include information on the life characteristic and comparison of life characteristics at different levels of the factor. Note, however, that the random error term,is not normally distributed here because the response,is lognormally distributed. Since it can be concluded that the levels are significantly different at. This result is shown in the Likelihood Ratio Test table in the analysis results.

To illustrate the use of MLE in R-DOE analysis, consider the case where the life of a product is thought to be affected by two factors, and. In other words, would represent the likelihood value for the reduced model that does not contain the parameters under test.

Similarly, assume that the two levels of factor are and respectively. For data following the 2-parameter Weibull distribution, the life characteristic used in R-DOE analysis is the scale parameter, [ReliaSoft a, Wu ].

Readings for the experiment are taken every 20 hours and the test is terminated at hours. Continuing with the present examplethe confidence bounds on the MLE estimates of the parameters, and can now be obtained.

From the MLE estimates of the effect coefficients it can be noted that repiasoft improve reliability by maximizing the response factors and should be set as follows:.


Using DOE++ For Product and Process Optimization

In this case, the primary purpose of any R-DOE analysis is to identify which of the inputs affect the life of the product by investigating if change in the level of any input factors reiasoft to a significant change in the life of the product. Residual plots can be used to check if the model obtained, based on the MLE estimates, is a good fit to the data. The likelihood ratio test for factor is conducted by using the likelihood value reliasofft to the full model and the likelihood value when is not included in the model.

Recall from Reoiasoft Level Factorial Experiments that if the factor s affecting the response has only two levels, then the notation of the regression model can be applied to the ANOVA model. The failure of the product has been found to follow the lognormal distribution.

Note that if a parameter,can take only positive values, it is assumed that the follows the normal distribution [Meeker and Escobar ]. The results show that only factors and are active at a significance level of 0. For example, once the important stresses affecting the life of the product have been identified, detailed analyses can be carried out using ReliaSoft’s ALTA software. The two equations given above show that for R-DOE analysis of life data that follows the Weibull distribution, the random error terms,will follow the extreme-value distribution and not the normal distribution.