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The Mej drains both the northern and southern portions of the district; its chief tributary in the former is the Bajaen and in the latter the KimaK 53 c JhcUatcar District. The winter is cold and bracing and hoarfeost occasipnaUy covers the ground. As in most other parts of India, the major portion of the aimual rainfall occurs during this period. In some places, as in Pur-Banera belt, the Raialos are highly altered as closely folded beds with steep dips and represent the much compressed synclinal cores. In the early days the rulers attached more importance to wild life compared to human beings. The soil in the western part comprising of Sheoganj, Sirohi and Reodar Tehsik is mostly sandy while that in the remaining part is of black and sandy loam type.

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The Bhatis defeated the old ruling families in this area and Established their- own kingdom. Mo agricultural statistics are avail- able, but a good deal of eultivation goes on during the rains and.

The Rusarel risee- 41 m. Roads into the forest are being extended and it is expected that they will bring the remote portions of the forest within the possibility of economic working, 7. The Muslim State of Tonk was formed out of the convention with the British Government, which allowed the famous Amir Khan, the mercenery leader of armies to hold certain lands which he possessed in After heavy rains, the prineipal river, the Mahi is impassable even by rafts, sometimes for days together.

Some of them have made it a mode of earning their livelihood by Tdlling gnimnlH by use of net etc.

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The fauna of Rajasthan as in other States is becoming extinct day by czndy and vigorous efforts on the part of the State are needed to check it. Moreover, in olden days hunting of big game was carried out by more- primitive weapons, such as spears, swords and Javelms, it required great skill and power in killing wild animals.


About one-fomth of the cultivated area is irrigated.

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Most of the aimual rainfall is recorded drrring the months July, August and part of September, The rain- fall is by no means continuous and ruvarel showers occur generally only in association with depressions from the Bay of Bengal which sometimes travel to this region.

Land tenures — The Chambal enters Kotah on the west not far from Bhensrorgarh, and for the greater part of its course forms the boundary, first with Bundi on the west and next with Sawai Madhopur on the- north. Such was the tenure of the Khalsa land of Ajmer till the year when village boundaries were for the first time demarcated and village mauzawar settlement was introduced.

This part of Puajasthan gets more rain than the areas to the north and xrost. The climate is dry and rainfall sc anty. The only basis of selection of food is cheapness.

Gonfiguration and Water Shed: As regards heavy rainfalls exceeding 10 inches in 24 hours have been recorded at several stations in the area. The average rainfall in a year is about 40 inches. Teak forests are generally poor corresponding to IV quality class as adopted in C. In addition several streams contain water for many months, such as the Jawai and the Sukri, which flows west in the Luni, and the Sukli, a tributary of the Western Banas.

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The average rainfall in the district is about 30 inches. These extrusives are oonnected with plutonic magma reservoirs, which are exposed through erosion in parts of Rajasthan suop granite bosses. They vary greatly in composition 16 4ind are moderately fertile.


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About of the total area, i. Some of the fauna found in Bajasthan together with the places where they are found are given xhop Its cMef affluents are the Berach and Kothari.


The Government has sanctioned a Working Plan Conservator and shortly we will have working plan divisions to do away with such unsystematic workings. Other important streams, all subject to heavy floods in the rainy season, are the Parwair and Ujar, tributaries of the Kali Sindh, the- Sukri, Banganga and Kul, tributaries of the Parbati and the Krmu in the Shahabad Tehsil.

The picture is summarised by the- foUowing table: There are no Health Officers to advise them on sanitary methods of hvr’ng, with the result that the vitahty of the people is daily decreasing arrd mortality is enormous. The normal rain fall dining this period is very small though in certain years as sjop as 2 inches of rain have been recorded in one or other of these three months.

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The second theory is that centuiies ago, it was a very flouiishihg country, so much to- that. There are no perennial rivers or streams. Forests appear both on the liills as well as on the plain.