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How do you think a proxy or a tapper is done here? After all start clicking OK buttons until you back to the begining. I now have the 14 days trial of the serial emulator you suggested. But it won’t unzip,shows some error. If you need to be compatible with javax. Can anybody please tell me how to read the documentation for the code?


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Fikri on July 22nd, Do you know of any solution? I’ve checked library versions from my projects and rxtx Or are the default values fine? It receives instructions from COM20 and sends results once the instructions have been completed.


Hi Sebastian, Your tutorial helped me a lot for configuring the eclipse environment. Pedro Quina on May 10th, Hello, Thank you for the great article – Appreciate greatly. Now contact form should work properly. Click on Native library location: I get error on: Billikin Thank you very much for pointing me the bug. If current temperature is send as byte, just change implementation of getMessage. Sid on June 5th, Hi Sebastian, First of all, thank you so much for your quick response.


Are there any values that i need to set for the ports in order for them to be detected? I am using Netbeans IDE rxtx-2.1-7bins-r2.zip.

Note rxtx-2.1-7-vins-r2.zip CommPortReceiver works as thread and it is listening to the incomming bytes from connected device rxtx–2.1-7-bins-r2.zip it is consuming events.


I have created all the specidfied java files. I had not previously considered the Mac scenario. This mail is just to let you know that I used your RS interface driver after some modifications in my thesis’ project. Tony on May 17th, Look at my example: Sebastian Kuligowski on August 5th, A 32 rxtx-2.1-7-bine-r2.zip 64 bit version of the library exists. Moreover described technics allow you to develop software without physical equipment and test it as well.

Utsav on June 4th, If you have a toy even an swe have the ToyBox.


If you don’t have any serial port in your laptop or PC you should use one of available serial port emulators or simply buy USB adapter if you have USB port available. Please check your distribution’s package management system for “rxtx”, or look at the legacy downloads page for more builds.



Virtual Serial Port Driver supports boths operating systems. In consequence there is rxtx-2.1-7-bins-r2.xip good free alternative which is used in several projects and works fine – RXTX library. Sebastian on November 17th, The project settings need to be altered such that it knows to look for these files.

RS in Java for Windows | Sebastian Kuligowski’s Home Page

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