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Added combined option not to scan network and broadcast addresses. Improved external application management. Added copy command in Detect Address dialog. Added highlighting new devices found in live scan and scan for new devices. Fixed loading share folder security information from a previously saved XML file.

softperfect network scanner 5.4.5

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This is to prevent the network scanner from being unresponsive while attempting to explore a shared folder on an off-line host. Fixed saving third-party applications and other Base encoded data to INI file. Fully reworked core with full support of Unicode.

Added variable parts in path in the remote files. Added ‘Paste IP’ button on the toolbar. Send me a message on the bottom left of the screen using the Zopim Chat buttonor click my picture to read more about how I can fix your computer over the Internet.

Fixed checking for double-assignment for empty shortcuts in the settings.

Added preliminary shared folder security scan reading permissions for the user “Everyone”. Applications can be sorted in the editor. Fixed stack overflow when application variables had similar names. Fixed the tab key to go through filters in addition to IP editors.


Fixed stripping control characters that could leak into columns. Added import of IP address list from a file.

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Always backup your PC before downloading and installing any software to your system. Fixed a crash if the config was corrupted, instead recreate it. Quick mapping to friendly names usability enhancement. Added bookmark grouping bookmarks can be organised in groups by using a vertical bar in its name. Maximum possible number of threads raised up to It works by querying the default gateway provided it is SNMP capable and enables you to determine MAC address of devices behind the router.

softperfect network scanner 5.4.5

Added highlighting new devices found in live scan and scan for new devices. Do you need Tech Support? When rescanning virtual columns dependent regular columns are automatically updated and vice versa.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner

Improved external application management. Fixed passing parameters in double braces when no user-prompted parameters were present. Fixed an issue in which computers being scanned have been wrongly hidden if a filter was applied.


softperfect network scanner 5.4.5

Added importing and exporting thid-party applications list. Added faster multi-threaded live scan to replace old single-threaded one.

softperfect network scanner 5.4.5

Fixed retaining filter to use the latest filtering condition and saving value for non-value filters. Added importing computers from Active Directory. This should speed up SNMP queries against not responding devices. Sending WOL packet to a broadcast address now works correctly on multihomed machines.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner 5.4.5

Added missing Remote File menu item and fixed a minor drawing issue. Added remote time-of-the-day discovery. Fixed failure to load a configuration file passed via command line if any other additional switch was present.

Made possible copying single and multiple rows to the clipboard. Fixed showing any message boxes if launched without a visible desktop. Added terminal sessions softpperfect under the Additional tab.