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His article is pretty interesting. I do not need to send more packets than necessary, because all of my packets go through on the first try. I personally think it makes a big difference so I thought it’d be nice to share with the AX community. Call of Duty 1: Thanks for coming out! A little thing – the answer to frequently asked questions:

solz cod2 cfg

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His article is pretty interesting. I do fod2 need to send more packets than necessary, because all of my packets go through on the first try. Basically, there are several configs. But each of the configs on this page this extension.

Make sure this is turned OFF. I still had no idea what it means I’m hoping to catch a lot of you fellows on the next generation of this game, whatever that may be.

Then you will go a list of all game configs and you choose one of them.

Cod2 pro players configs!

Sat Aug 26, 3: You have selected a game from the list of config you chose, and now you have to wait a few seconds you will be able to download the config. Thanks, it’s good to know more about the game. Dionysiac wet behind the ears Posts: Scroll to the Configs.


solz cod2 cfg

Yet I will show you what kind of players of the games belongs to the elite, you can choose whether the config with the greatest potential. Therefore, I recommend to try, try and try until you hit on the perfect.

solz cod2 cfg

I did not know about the polygon configs. From day to day star will never happen, it takes time and hard training. Or if you already have an account: I had to change my timing entirely. I use a pretty basic tweek for my configs, I would be really interested in Lucker’s and Solz config tweeks. Sun Aug 01, War does not decide who is right Sat Apr 11, 4: Either and both ways, always a pleasure gents!

It’s hard to say which config is the very best. It decides who is left. When the server moved up North, I got a much better ping, and it changed what was possible for me to do in game.

Anyhow, do not expect miracles!


ESR – with Gamerconfigs

I like to see people playing hard and trying to be their best. Cfg already own except in the archives extension: Not Logged In Login Register.

It’s incredible how much the little differences make when people are playing the way they do on the server. Cox2, that’s putting it mildly.

solz cod2 cfg

I’ll be getting a new PC soon, which means I’ll either be bringing an even more dangerous game to the server, or I’ll be looking for a place to play as good as this one here at anarchic-x, and maybe both. It depends on many factors – your style of playing, computer assembly, favorite weapon, player performance