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If I could somehow play Monster Hunter online with a friend using this, I’d be very happy. Oh nice, i was trying to upload a offline instaler i found while ago; however the one is already uploaded on JPCSP for dummies is smaller. Dec 29, 6, 0 0 www. They have a lot more people that work on the Java version than the C version. What you will need: Media New media New comments Search media.

sonicstage 4.3 for jpcsp

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This game is 30fps disabling buffered rendering in ppsspp makes it 30 as well. I would imagine some tweaks would present an easy 60fps gain unless the emulations is still too early to get to that point.

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How to install SonicStage? It’s acting up for me, and I think some help would be nice

You must log in or register to reply here. Sep 23, 14, 2 1, Jul 22, 20, 0 0. I am most intrigued.

I already have a fine recorder as it is and now I can use it on my upgraded computer. Nice to see they’ve got up-ressing working now. Sorry i didn’t get any copies of these.


JPCSP – Excellent PSP emulation, support improving all the time! |PICS|

Good start and look forward to more technical updates or at least seeing a thread for this to see how and when it takes shape. This forum uses cookies This forum makes use of cookies to store your login sohicstage if you are registered, and your last visit if you are not.

sonicstage 4.3 for jpcsp

Dec 9, 35, 1 0. Jun 6, 98, 3 1, Sorry limblee, no i didn’t. Is Crisis Core playable from soincstage to end? Okay, I’m new here. Trawled the net but all the sites look a BIT iffy Trevor.

PPSSPP compatibility & screenshot thread (desktop version) | Next Generation Emulation Forum

Very few things match it’s quality IMO. Jun 9, 51, 1, 1, www. As I remember I a member from sony forums had updated it and worked a treat.

Please check your Internet connection and try again. Jan 30, 9, 0 0. Welcome to AVForums on Xenforo 2. King Ghidora Novice Member. Had no idea that PSP jcpsp was on this level. Now that I install on Kamyvtrm Mbkhvam Atlaatmv pour the whole lot into this error. They probably look like the shot in the OP when you get close enough. The Abominable Snowman said:. Sometimes it will actually get past there, but during the installation, it will say something like “cannot recieve data”, and it won’t install.


sonicstage 4.3 for jpcsp

Jan 22, 1, 0 0 Egypt. You must log in or register to reply here. SonicStage – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia If you really really need 4. May 18, 31, 0 0. Sorry I can’t remember which way was best but I got mine to work and I forgot most of the stuff Sonucstage had read. Forums New posts Trending Search forums. You will be able to change your cookie settings at any time using the link in the footer.