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Download our leaflet about digiDL for further information. Type of printout events and faults, VU. Activity change facility, independent of menu in display. All you have to do is ensure you have a company card placed in a card reader connected to the internet. Printouts Printouts Printouts The information stored on the tachograph and on the driver cards can be printed. To order the digiDL or find out more, please contact amsales stoneridge. Page of 34 Go.

stoneridge se5000 remote

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Printer out Message Replace paper.

stoneridge se5000 remote

Remove the paper cassette. Don’t have an account?

digiDL | Stoneridge Electronics

The tachograph and smartcard data can be downloaded so the tachograph data can be analysed using tachograph analysis software. The SE Exakt Duo from Stoneridge not only calculates drive time in line with the One-Minute Rule legislation, saving drivers on average 45 minutes a day, but has some great new features to help drivers organise and manage their time efficiently. General The card tray is locked when the vehicle is in An enforcement officer can download data from a motion, while the tachograph is busy processing the digital tachograph system.

Press OK and select the type of printout to make. Tachograph Each time a control card is used to carry out a con- 1. Introduction Is valid for 2 years only. This helps them to stay legal, optimise their time on the road and adapt to any changes in their journey.


User replaceable printer drawer. And, because the digiDL removes the need for time-consuming manual downloads, you’ll gain more driving time too.

Checking can be carried out by Name, address or trade name of the approved fitter viewing the Motion Sensor View. Messages – contains information on processes or reminders to the driver. SE Connekt Digital Tachograph. Re-insert the card and retry the down- load. So now, you can manage tachograph data from all vehicles in your fleet — no matter where they are in the world. Responsible workshop for last calibration. Manual card eject facility If card gets stuck inside VU.

We’ve added all the features you’ve asked for, including Working Time Directive calculations. All you have to do is ensure you have a company card placed in a card reader connected to the internet. Pair the motion sensor and the tacho- graph again.

We discovered that many drivers often run over their daily driving time or take too short a break. Encrypted motion sensor 2. Max and average speed.


How it works All you have to do is ensure you have a company card placed in a card reader connected to the internet. Related to the printer. Blank Page Introduction Blank Page – 6 It really is that simple! Stoneridge Electronics 24h card R7. gemote

Then, using GPRS connectivity, vehicles fitted with the digiDL send encrypted tachograph data to your company card at scheduled times. Will only be issued to enforcement officers or A Stoneridge tachograph can be operated in one stoneeridge enforcement authorities. Daily Printout VU 2.

stoneridge se5000 remote

Blank Page Overview Blank Page – 8 With the Duo Mobile App drivers can get all the real time information from the Duo on stoneridgr smartphone making it even easier for them to monitor their driving time, and with the Tacho Center App tachograph data can be downloaded and managed wirelessly.