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Media New media New comments Search media. Jokoman4 , Jul 26, , in forum: Now you’ll see a scrambled up image looking in some shape. I only have bgd. If things are working out alright for you, then open up Crystal Tile 2 and open up the. For this tutorial, I made the title screen under the byte jump of 48, the width of and the height of

tahaxan nds

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I know how to edit NSCR files now, this http: Open up DSbuff and click “Pack” and save it anywhere you’d like.

Trouble running Tahaxan

Does anyone know whether there are other ways of ripping n64 models or music? ConsoleTool, Tinke or Tahaxan. I’m having a lot of trouble with that as there are blank bytes that CrystalTile2 is ignoring. Now you’ll see a scrambled up image looking in some shape.

Trouble running Tahaxan | – The Independent Video Game Community

As you can see, I tried inserting a bigger image than the original, so it tahasan out wrong when the NSCR was in effect. NCLR file that you exported earlier, now you’ll see the image in proper colours.


LargoFang New Member Aug 23, Jokoman4Jul 26,in forum: After that, pack the ROM and name it to anything.

tahaxan nds

I named tahwxan “titlescreen-test. Which you can download the latest version here http: This is an old tutorial that I have made on another forum, but I have indeed copy and pasted it to here, so that others will be able to see, I have fixed it up a bit as well.

After that, open up Tahaxan and open up the ROM and check out the image and see ndss the. Allow me to explain!

IvicaMarkovic Member Sep 30, But do you know if 3D Ripper works with Jabo Direct plugin? Joined Oct 22, Messages 1 Reactions 0 Points 0.

Do you already have an account? As I told you, anything that use directX should be working. Double click the image you’ve imported, if it disappears Draft saved Draft deleted.

Thread starter LargoFang Start date Aug 23, JordanB Sep 22, In the properties tab in the tile properties area, tahxxan it says “Tile form”, change it from solid 1bpp to GBA 8bpp.


LargoFang New Member Sep 25, For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

tahaxan nds

IvicaMarkovic Member Sep 21, As you asked for alternatives the big two are Crystaltile2 and console tool http: DS N64 and GC models. Davin aka Platinum Lucario here. Trouble running Tahaxan Hide similar threads.

tahaxan nds

The Sub menu will appear. As an aside on the old tahaxan forums there was a nrs called nds editor, you can still grab it here http: I only have bgd.