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I get an error “ib is undefined” when I click on the ibrowser option. I can get the plugin to work in Firefox, but not in Safari. Are you using an extension to activate TinyMCE? You are not logged in. Thanks so far frbavaria. Any thoughts or experiences? I myself use TinyMCE and it seems like a lot of people prefer it to FCKEditor, but for one thing — it doesn’t have good image and file management capabilties built in by default.

tinymce ibrowser plugin

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Give us a call on 07send us an email to enquiries null tyssendesign. If you use default EE folder structure, it will look like this: It has been said a few times in this article that KFM does not have an online demo.

In other words, does this browser only pull ibfowser from one folder? Has anyone been able to get the ibrowser plugin to work in Safari?

iBrowser Installation

Pages 1 2 Next. I know the SM plugins let you specify different destinations via the extensions settings though. Unable to set value of the property ‘isMSIE’: Unfortunately I’ve no idea how to initialise this, do you have a hint for me? But I had trouble with folder permissions with this one and, having already customsised the FCK file manager to my liking, gave up.


File and image management plugins for TinyMCE

Any thoughts or experiences? The permissions on the folder are correct though because uploading using different file managers works fine. You can read about it herepost 44 link for download. Sort of LG vs. I was able to fiugure out the above two after trying several things but I’m As I see this function realy doesn’t exist in this js file but it works in Firefox, so where’s the cheese?

I actually helped set it up recently for a site to do just that. I don’t have firefox 2 and IE – since I have an old mac- tinhmce But Safari can’t be cheated so easily: Your help would really be appreciated.

RSS topic feed Posts [ 6 ]. It is similar to plugin advimage included into tinyMce, but with different fields.

TinyMCE Exploits – Exploitalert

Something like Slackware, but smaller. Good day to everyone! I also have a problem with the installation. Hi Henrique, that looks irbowser. After that, iBrowser shows up, and there is no more javascript error.


Anyone know what I might be doing wrong? So is the rest of the tinyfck directory is ok to stay in the tinymce plugins directory?

tinymce ibrowser plugin

I have this exactly problem of ibrowser in wordpress. Do you have to have the MoxieCode File or Image manager already installed? The path in the URL is http: Hi John,I was curious if you were able to use TinyBrowser in the manner that it would respect multiple upload locations…much like EE can have different ACLs to access those locations?

And it turns out Tniymce was right: The icon only appeared for me when I used the tinymce3 editor plugin.

tinymce ibrowser plugin

Timymce is what does not make sense to me. Does anyone have any advice on which of these solutions would be best for multi user solution?