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On my system they are located within C: The maximum gain factor settings also vary from sensor to sensor. Parameter correctionMode Returns the supported values linked by a logical OR: More information for the hot pixel correction can be found in the uc manual. GetSupported Returns if setting supported. GetEnable out bool enable Description Returns the current auto frame rate setting.

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GetDefault out int value Description Returns the default value for the digital gamma correction.

How to read video from camera using opencv python – OpenCV Q&A Forum

Color filters” chapter in the uc manual. The Boost class provides methods for enabling an additional analog hardware gain boost feature on the sensor. Note on automatic controls when using very high frame rates Using very high frame rates can cause that too many control commands are sent to the camera. Driver for Thorlabs DCx cameras.

GetRange Returns the permissible range for the number of frames to be skipped. Color space to be set see GetSupported.


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ExternalInterfaceConfigurationI2C configuration Description Returns the current activated external interface and its configuration. SetMaster int s32Value Description Sets the master channel gain factor SetBlue Sets the blue channel gain factor When displaying very large camera images, the auto VSYNC function might not always optimally synchronize image rendering.

GetRange out int min, out int max, out int inc Description Returns the range for offset. Indicates whether parameter viewerr 2 including camera settings is present on the camera read-only.

The following classes and method exist: Value to be set i. The digital output is set to uc4480 level for the flash duration. You can use GetSensorInfo to query the available gain controls. Attention Paragraphs preceeded by this symbol explain hazards that could damage the instrument and the connected equipment or may cause loss of data. Set Sets the offset values for the red and blue channels. The class does not enable the global shutter.

GetSupported Returns all supported color correction modes. Uc Cmos driver direct download was reported as adequate by a large percentage of our reporters, so it should be good to download and install. DontWait, because the be called before with image acquisition might not be completed.


Viewerr Returns the device ID. viwer

DCx Camera .NET Manual

SetCameraStatus Sets various status camera settings. This is the earliest possible moment for a new capturing process. Line scan mode to vifwer queried to be supported see GetSupported.

GetCameraStatus Returns various status information and settings. Set Sets the display mode. GetPeakBandwidth Returns the peak bandwidth. DisableSemiTransparent Description Disables the semi-transparent display of the overlay area. Returns an array with the user-defined hot pixel list. I 2C The external I2C interface is enabled. Set Sets the hysteresis value for auto exposure shutter and auto gain control. Due to Bayer format color conversion, the original edges of a color image may easily become blurred.

LinescanMode mode Description Returns the supported line scan modes.

Set uint u32ColTemp Description Sets a color temperature.