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It can be changed during execution to turn on and off graphing as necessary. After your tests complete, the status light will turn either red or green. This will use myconfig. There are other circumstances besides maintaining session where this may be useful. Selecting this changes the graph style to an impulse graph.

webinject tool

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WebInject – (HTTP) Web Application and Web Services Test Tool – Screenshots

This can be used to integrate with other external programs or to do any type of data processing at the end of your test run. If you are running the WebInject Engine webinject. This used to add spacing between cases in order to throttle the rate it sends requests. Command line options are only available when launching the WebInject Engine webinject. In each test webinjcet, you can set a Verifications that will pass or fail depending on the HTTP response code.

Whether or not HTTP logging is turned on depends on a setting in the configuration file and if you have logging parameters turned on in each test case. If there is no configuration setting used to name your test case file sit will default to using a file named ‘testcases.

webinject tool

There are several parameters attributes you can use in your cases, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. The status bar shows visual progress of the current iteration of the test case topl being processed. You are welcome to register yourself and post questions or add to discussions.


WebInject – Web (HTTP) testing and monitoring tool – Free Software Directory

If you are using the GUI webinjectgui. All settings and constants must be enclosed in the proper tags, and simply need to be added to the config. HTTP is a stateless protocol, meaning each request is discrete and unrelated to those that precede or follow.

The quotes single or double used to encapsulate your attribute must be different from the quotes you use within your attribute both single and double quotes are valid to encapsulate an XML attribute. The y-axis represents the time of day. If no filename is passed from the command line, it will look in config. It can be changed during execution to turn on and off graphing as necessary.

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To maintain state, you need to grab this value so you can resend it in subsequent requests. It is written into the directory that WebInject runs from and is overwritten each time the tool runs.

webinject tool

This configuration parameter takes a list of 5 colon delimited values that correspond to: WebInject is Free as in freedom and Open Source. If any verifications failed, it turns red.

If you need to use quotes anywhere within a test case parameter, you need to make sure that the quotes are nested properly. This abstracts the internals of WebInject’s implementation away from the non-technical tester, while using an open architecture [written in Perl] for those that require more customization or modifications. Selecting this option before you run your test cases will display the server response time for each case as it runs.


There is also a “repeat” attribute you can set within the parent tag to specify the number of times you would like a file of test cases to run.

This works the same as ‘verifynegative’. The possible values are: As responses are received, a webinjech graph is generated and displayed to the Monitor Window in real-time, replacing the previous one. When used along with gnuplot a plotting utilitya response time graph is generated and updated in real-time as the test runs.

This parsing mechanism may be used for any situation where you need to resend data to the server that was sent to you in a previous response. Selecting this changes the graph style to a line graph.

Because of the stateless nature of the protocol itself, web applications or services use various other methods to maintain state. This is helpful if you want to point your tests at different environments by changing a single setting.

WebInject Manual

This is the default graph style. You may also set constants in your test case file that you can reference from your test cases. ttool

webinject tool

You can also use relative path names to point to test case files located in other directories or subdirectories.