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Your credit of licenses will then be extended to 5 more licenses. Since this will usually reduce the size of the TM by reclaiming unused space, it is advised to perform this reorganization before e-mailing a TM. Pauses the execution for 4 seconds. External styles also kown as untranslatable styles. This section is used to customize Wordfast’s shortcuts.

wordfast 3.35

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However, turn this switch off i.

wordfast 3.35

Web-based MT was off on some Ms-Word versions – this is fixed. Wordfast will extract all segments from the documents into one single text file, and have the the text file MT’ed in one pass.

Wordfast Pro 3

Also, you may wish to actually rename your previous wordfast. Wordfast Pro 3 Wordfast Pro 3 WFP3 is a standalone, multiplatform TM tool designed to change the landscape for every stakeholder in the translation process, from project manager to freelance translator.

wordfast 3.35

In case of a fuzzy match, differences between the document’s wordfazt segment and the TU’s source segment are highlighted. If, however, you have chosen the ” my own way ” setting, Wordfast will not define the target language.

Examples of translation units. During a translation session, press Wordcast to load the entire QC glossary into a toolbar drop-down list for better visibility. Attributes are stored in the TM’s header. Note that the final full stop is not hidden, so it does not belong to the jump. This caption is immediately followed by an expression no space in hidden characters:.


wordfast 3.35

To turn off this feature, enter zero. Much credit goes to the beta group of testers for their inifinite patience and enlightened contributions.

Wordfast 3.35 reseed

Please pay special attention to the following advice, because tagged files that are not properly handled can cause problems. Perform the click sthat are required to translate the current selection. Specifications outlined in this manual may be changed at any time without prior warning, and are not contractual. At the point where the note should appear in the translated text, select and cut Ctrl-X of Shift-del the note’s number from the source segment and paste it in the target segment. When working in a translation session, Wordfast will record the set of currently active attribute mnemonics into any new, or updated, TU.

If no document is open, open a document. Try downloading the user’s manual yourself Jan 31, It’s free! Make sure the Tahoma font is available in your system. Most Ms-Word installations have the dictionary of the local language plus the English dictionary, Ms-Word’s native language.

Forums All of ProZ. Also you could try searching for parallel corpus in you working pair or reversal covering the specialization theme. The most current problem the use of Delete or Backspace inside the spell-check dialog box when it is automatically brought up by Wordfast’s Quality-check function over a target segment, during a session has been solved the Delete and Backspace bypass is turned off before the spell-check dialog box is displayed, woddfast turned back on afterwards.


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Wordfast’s way of counting words is slightly different from Ms-Word’s statistics. An unlimited number of translators can share TMs or glossaries real-time over a LAN remember to map network drives into logical volumes like Q: If the Tools menu has a Remove worffast option, click it.

It is possible to wordfsst all the TU’s of an entire TM with one specific set of attributes. Some time has to be devoted to this question in order to fully benefit from Wordfast’s unique terminology features.

Clean-up for SOURCE instead or target (Wordfast ) (Wordfast support)

Sort the sheet on the A column. If you resume translation after having closed the translation session, re-open the last segment in wodrfast Ms-Word document and click the Next segment icon. Select Dictionary PC only: Make a copy of your favorite, most effective TM, then delete all TU’s that have a usage count of less than 3.